Salvation: Converted poachers in Kenya are taking up arms to protect elephants.

Katt Williams is pissed at Quentin Tarantino over Django Unchained's gratuitous use of the N-word. Williams has also been arrested again, this time for serious child endangerment.

Breaking: Wind turbines are sprouting like sunflowers before a federal tax credit runs out January 1.

State Rep. Wants Guns in Schools: Washington state representative Liz Pike plans to file a bill that would change state law to let teachers pack heat in class.

Scrapped Ice Dig: British scientists are abandoning efforts to explore a pristine lake sitting beneath nearly two miles of Antarctic ice.

Higher Edumacation: Gregoire's proposal to curb tuition increases over the next two years irks the state's public university presidents.

Sea Sick: Select Caribbean cruises now feature complimentary vomit-inducing viruses.

Some Peace in the Middle East? The Arab League Secretary General seeks to involve the UN Security Council to help end the Palestinian struggle with Israel.

A Fasten Seat Belt Sign: A passenger plane crashed in Moscow yesterday, killing five. Here's a dash-cam video of the incident: