In the aftermath of the tragic shootings at the nearby Sandy Hook Elementary School, private donors raised $130,000 to fund a gun buyback program in Bridgeport, Connecticut:

"We've seen an outpouring from the community since Sandy Hook in all manners, from teddy bears to cash," said police Chief Joseph Gaudett Jr.

Officials say they have since paid out more than $22,000 in the exchanges, snagging powerful weapons such as the AR-15, the same kind of gun used to kill 26 adults and children on December 14 in the neighboring Newtown school.

My earlier post suggesting a Seattle gun buyback program actually generated a fair bit of buzz, and there may actually be some firm developments on that front to report in the near future. But so far, to my knowledge, no big donors have stepped up to fund an effort. Which is a shame. You'd think we could match Bridgeport, if not Los Angeles.