House Republican Says Nobody Should Donate to House Republicans


The correspondent interviewing him lost 10 family homes in Katrina? Now that's solidarity.
Speaker Boehner is petulant and obstinate and it shows in the way he leads.
And yet, these Republicans who can't get out of their own way just beat Obama in a poker game in which Obama was drawing to three aces.
The reason Boehner canceled the vote on Sandy relief was that he wanted to show Cantor who's boss, after Cantor voted against the Fiscal Cliff bill (and against Boehner) because the bill lacked "spending reductions," even though Cantor is an ardent supporter of Sandy relief spending. It is understandable that Boehner would be furious at Cantor and McCarthy and other members of House GOP leadership, and there may be a certain logic to hoisting Cantor on the illogic of his position on spending, but Boehner's stunt managed to enrage many of the GOP members who voted with him on the fiscal cliff. It just seems very stupid and self-defeating.
Fuck Chris Christie. He was right along with Boehner the republicans railing against the ACA and federal spending until his state needed help. He is just as slimy, self-serving and hypocritical as they all are. Does no one remember the whole point of his speech at the (pre-Sandy) RNC?

Fuck Chris Christie.
I really wonder if boehner will keep his speakership, he's done an awful job in leading the house republicans.
The tea party may have helped the GOP in 2010 but these political rookies are really fucking up the brand. A disaster relief program is one of the easiest stimulus packages a government can do.
@6: Agreed. The problem is not only their agenda, but how terrible they are at making it work. And now that they've failed in their main goal of making Obama a 1 term President, they're floundering badly.
@5: this
To paraphrase Jon Stewart to Christie, "when you are uninsured and get cancer, that is your Sandy".
You're right! On Yahoo's homepage it says something like - BREAKING NEWS: CHRIS CHRISTIE SPEAKS...blah blah blah. Important stuff! Materializing video please!
Holy fucking shit...

Okay, I have a long-standing dislike of Peter King, like seriously. I laughed when one of the Slog contributors referenced him as Peter king (R-IRA). Other than his support of Northern Irish insurrectionists, his usual claim to fame is being a knee-jerk, pit-bull of an attack dog against anything Democratic or progressive. He's a foul, slobbering demagogue who reliably parrots Rove's and Ailes' talking points of the day, a fully-owned tool of the usual billionaire supporters of the Republican Party.


I am shocked and stunned. I didn't realize he had two ounces of constituent-support blood in his veins. For him to go off the reservation like this, to not only denounce his own party, but to essentially renounce it ("As far as I'm concerned, I'm on my own. They're going to have to go a long way to get my vote on anything."), is truly amazing.

@7 sadly, the GOP will control the House for the next decade. But if there's a moderate movement within the GOP that can point to the incompetence of the tea party freshman than maybe things can change for them. But the last couple years, I've started to feel some real pity for my GOP friends and family who are fiscally conservative and hate how nutty the GOP is becoming.
The last time they tried this brinksmanship shit, Obama won - and Planned Parenthood was on the table. There was no way they were going to win this time, now without a divisive wedge issue.
@1 Sorry you found her syntax so indecipherable. I interpreted it to mean that between her various relatives, 10 of their family homes were lost to Katrina.

If you've ever had the misfortune of having to read the Congressional Record, you will quickly learn that much of the floor time in the House is spent giving self-serving speeches. (or inserting items paid for by benefactors) The larger the Bill, the greater the number of these horrid displays of oratory.
That vanity is still nothing compared to the trough pillaging that goes on in Committee proceedings. The larger the Bill, the greater the trough to be pillaged for the benefit of those benefactors.

Federal spending on Sandy relief will be an enormous amount of pork to be doled out by guys like Rep. King. Everyone wants to get their piece of it, and then make their smarmy floor speech about who they're helping. We're talking 100+ Reps that need time to create material for their next campaign flyer. You can't rush that.

That's why the vote didn't happen. Too soon to be used for maximum political gain.
@14, I hate to break it to you, but hardly anything in the Congressional Record was ever spoken on the floor. It's all inserted afterwards. "I ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks" is what gets said on the floor.

@10, you forgot to mention Peter King's pet project, his ongoing vilification of American Muslims. His grandstanding investigations are nothing but a witch hunt. He's Joe McCarthy risen from the dead. Oh, and his bipartisanship is nothing new; he's always been about 40% Democrat. You have to be, in Queens. He's best buds with Bill Clinton.
And according to Politico and HuffPo, after Harry Reid called Boehner on his bullshit behavior, Boehner told Reid to go fuck himself. Twice. Then he went and bragged about it to his GOP buddies. The Great Orange Orator, that John Boehner...
@16, Boehner's melting down because he's about to lose his job. The next speaker is going to make Boehner look like Cato the Elder, too. Saying Boehner did a bad job running the House is like saying that Commissioner Feehan did a bad job running the World Trade Center on 9/11 (he died in the collapse).
It's almost like the corporations who control congress want congress to be so inept and out of control that they could push to get rid of this entire representative democracy for good. And then maybe those corporations could push for a centralized leader to take command and be under their control?

You almost seems like it. I mean it can't happen here in America!! Right?
@15 For the vast majority of the Record, that's true. It looks like a copy & paste experiment that escaped the lab. For the higher profile votes, though, Reps like to grandstand a bit. The point is that this is too juicy for a quick vote.
A $60B aid package going to the region with the highest concentration of US voters is too great an opportunity for the House GOP to lump it into the same news cycle as the fiscal cliff deal. I'm certainly not accusing Rep King of any altruism here.
@17: His reputation will stand as an obstructionist either way, so I suppose "petulant whiner" won't tarnish it much. I would say his recent behavior speaks poorly of his character, but I was convinced long ago that he has none.

I find it very amusing that he's facing the same situation that Newt Gingrich was in about 15 years ago, when Boehner was the one leading the charge for Speaker Newt's dismissal.
@17 What a great comparison. I love it.
@18 I'm sure it can't happen until, at the earliest, um, 1980?
They should switch parties if the republicans are not doing it for them.
@15 Yeah, I forgot about that (his Muslim witchhunt). As for the "bipartisanship," I would disagree with that characterization. His district is actually pretty conservative, which by the way is not in Queens. It's further out on Long Island, straddling portions of Suffolk and Nassau counties with another couple of districts between him and the City. The northern part of his district is relatively wealthy and a good source of Republican donations. The southern portion is lower middle class conservative. That's who he's pandering to most of the time. His voting record is actually pretty conservative, and he's been pretty combative in opposing Democratic policies.