Rep. Adam Smith Schools "Fox & Friends" on Fiscal Cliff Negotiations


It's kind of sad that the FOX commentators are actually so stupid that they don't understand what they themselves purport to believe. They've surrounded themselves so long with idiots who simply agree with their nonsense that they don't know how to respond to a person of average intelligence merely pointing out facts.
I have never heard Steve Doocy or Brian Kilmeade say one intelligent thing. They really are retarded. Like, mentally retarded.
"A budget plan is not an appropriations bill, Brian," is about the most polite way he could have paraphrased, "Pipe down kid, the grown-up is talking. Go back to eating your paste."
Those fiends at Fox sure are rude, aren't they?
"Insert random blonde chick here".
Spend baby spend. Money grows on trees.
Ohio will win it.
I loved having McDermott be my Congressman, what with such notable accomplishments as , and writing or being key in passing such legislation as , , and .
The country would be better of if Rep. Adam Smith were President. His reasoned arguments are way over the heads of the FOX automatons.
I am happy to share my longtime Congressman with you Goldy. Adam has represented my part of Tacoma since 1996 and is one of those smart, quick, articulate people you used to believe were common in Congress. I doubt Fox will ask him to come on again anytime soon.
I am glad that Goldy, who was just yesterday complaining about gerrymandering, is enjoying his new gerrymandered district.
I will admit I'm a bad person. I rather enjoyed seeing Rep. Smith hand the Fox people their purported brains on a plate with red sauce.
I don't mind the unregistered troll, because no one takes him seriously. What is irritating is having all of his clones on FOX, and how many millions of Americans take them seriously. Like Knat said, they're paste-eaters who belong in third grade, not on a nationally televised broadcast.
#5 Don't be sexist, the Gretch is the brain trust of this trio.
@11: I have often thought it funny that democrats are always complaining about gerrymandering when both parties gerrymander the fuck out of districts when they get a chance.

Both sides do it, we just need to move to a nonpartisan manner of making districts. Other devoloped nations think we are batshit crazy for letting political parties make any district they want. The problem is self-evident.
@15: Tell Rep. Del Bene about her supposedly gerrymandered district. Washington's legislature and Governor are Democrats, but 4 of our 10 representatives are Republicans, and any nominee other than the extremist Koster would have given the Rs a fair shot at a fifth seat.