Watch Chris Christie Tear House Republicans a New Asshole


These are Republicans that are expecting their party to do the right thing? They really do live in a fools paradise.
No fucking way, no love for Christie, just thankfulness that on occasion, he's looking out for more than himself. But yes, he's still a fucking asshole who I'll hope gets bounced out of office.
And since you're looking at TPM, they also report that Boehner told Harry Reid to go fuck himself, then bragged about it.…
Wasn't lard ass..I mean Christie going to fly out here to Washington and kick our asses if we didn't elect McKenna in November?

Wonder why he's such a chicken shit? Or is New Jersy just lots of talk and no balls?
He might be a dick. But he's on the short list of conservaties that is at the very least a COMPETENT dick.

Look. The conservatives that have evolved in the low population density fly-over states don't have to be competent or principled because their base isn't diverse or intelligent enough to understand the impact of failed conservative policies. Nor do the mid west mouth breathers have the attention spans to track the inconsistencies of their politics.

The fly over states will always be looked after and saved from the selves by congressional liberals in times of crisis. The GOP knows this. That, and in low density states relief dollars go a long way

But Christie DOES have to be competent. He has more people to look after. I dont like his politics but I respect his principles and competence.
What else could the man have said in the face of such disgraceful inaction? He said what anyone would say in the same situation. Scream 'Foul! You shitheads!! Foul!'.

It reminds me of when GWB was bombing the hell out of Afghanistan after 9/11. So many described it as brave leadership - oh so glad we have Bush and not a pansy like Gore. I say, almost anybody - even the tree-huggiest among us - would've easily done the same thing.

It's not hard to be mad.

He's a very anti-gay dick. Remember this?:…
Along with Rep. Peter King (R/Fascist, NY), same sentiment. All the evil this fucker has unleashed on the country as head of the Heimatschutz (homeland security) committee, I wish him a speedy, god-granted trip to someplace with 72 obese virgins.

Christie opposed a much-needed new tunnel to NYC, probably because he new it would become clogged when his corpulence stoppered it.

He slammed California for picking Jerry Brown instead of Meg Whitman. I don't think he ever showed up when Brown challenged Christie to a race.

I think the best you can say about Christie is that sometimes he looks out for his constituents, but if we're talking about a disaster that's not in the NJ area, he'd probably say screw 'em.
Just more evidence of the continuing marginalization of the GOP, as the far-right, Libertarian-leaning Tea Party faction stands firm on its "no compromise" principles at the expense of the somewhat more pragmatic center-right faction.

Boehner is now, for all intents and purposes, House "Majority Leader" in name only, as the GOP turns into more of a loose coalition of the two groups, as opposed to a single, cohesive and disciplined party organization. And so long as the TP'ers remain adamantly opposed to compromise in any shape or form, this increasing fractionalization of the Republicans Party is all but guaranteed.
"This is not a Republican or Democratic issue."

Yes it is. It's entirely a Republican issue. They don't believe in helping Americans unless the Americans are conservative white males. They actively enjoy hurting everyone else.
These house Republicans are such unbelievably massive dicks they make an every day dick like Chris Christie look sort of okay by comparison.
@11 So true, he's talking out both sides of his mouth because before that he says there's "...only one group to blame, The House majority and their Speaker, John Boehner." but then goes on to say it's "not a Republican or Democrat issue". What a dick.
It makes me sad when people say "dick" like it's a bad thing, and like bigger somehow equals worse. I happen to think that -- OK, never mind. TMI.


Totally agree with @11 (and maybe @5).

It isn't liberals that need reminding of Christie's dickishness, it's moderate Americans. Things like this give him real credibility at the national level. And although it looks like the party is too radical to ever let him get their nomination, keep in mind that the majority of party activists are still not the teabaggers. It's how Romney survived the onslaught of half a dozen Not-Romney's.

This could well be the first volley in the Republican Party civil war that's been developing for the past few years.
...and more of the same: PBS's News Hour has been interviewing new incoming senators this week. Have watched a few of the interviews and all the new Republican senators are following the same old line - no new taxes ever. Spending cuts are the way to go. And all have been rabid defenders of the 2nd Amendment.
@2, as a resident of NJ that was lucky to escape the storm unscathed, i think you're exactly right.
Yeah, you're a fucking mind-reader, Constant.
@ 10 and @ 15 -- I can't wait for the Republicans to get so involved in their infighting that they paralyze themselves. It will be very amusing to see them so fractured that they begin to careen around the room like kittens on their first catnip high -- like Democrats in their normal state, in fact. The mere fact of having both parties composed of a bunch of unherdable specimens might actually make Congress more effective. Then again, it's always possible for Congress to get worse, I suppose. Hard to imagine, but possible.
Well, "a dick who happens to be right" is the Stranger's favorite kind of person. So while I won't profess my undying love for Chris Christie, I will give him my love this day.
So a Republican is surprised that Republicans don't give a shit about people?

Ah c'mon. It's grandstanding, and that's about it.
@10. I think that eventually the tea party will split off from the republicans and most of the things that get passed will be bipartisan by necessity.