Yesterday was a sad day. It was supposed to be the day the Leafs played the Red Wings in the sixth annual Winter Classic, but nope—it was canceled back in November, and the NHL lockout continues. But there has been some action—the NHL and the NHL's Player's Association are going back and forth, which could mean they're getting closer and closer to finally agreeing on a proposal. It could also mean they are just going back and forth and will ultimately still not agree on anything. Sad face.

ANYWAY! With the NHL still MIA, some comfort can be found in the World Junior Championships, which are coming to an end this weekend. I know very little about the players, but they've still been fun to watch mostly because there is some NW pride (Seth Jones from the Portland Winterhawks is on Team USA), and there is a younger Subban (P.K.'s little brother Malcolm is goalie for Team Canada).

And speaking of Team USA and Team Canada, the two face off in a semifinal game tonight at 12:30 am PST. I'm totally gonna stay up for it. The whole TV schedule is here.

In other hockey news, there's this:

"My cat doesn't meow, he Lemieuxs." HA!

I miss hockey.