Gerard Depardieu Wants to Leave France Because of Taxes


Enjoy your flight, Mr. Depardieu; that will be a 75% "abandoning the country" tax.
Russia has been the logical extension of American policy since Yeltsin left office. Where have you been?
I know liberals want to model their cities after european ones, but 75% tax on the upper class is a tad extreme.
yeah, 75% is kinda ridiculous.
It's not the guillotine so they should consider themselves lucky.
The phrase "champagne problems" seems appropriate in more than one way.
@3 and @4 during the 40s and 50s taxes got as high as 91 percent for top earners.
75% on earned income above 1 million euros. That's taxes only on money earned above 1 million euros. There was a time in this country when a Republican president had tax rates nearly that high. So congrats, France - you're right up there with America in the 1950's.
@7 should have said in the US. Also in 1944 the top rate was 94?! Crazy.
"But I don't wear puffy director's pants!"

"I, er, uh, it's a tax on not wearing puffy pants"
Denmark has a top rate of about 75 percent. Seems to work pretty well for them. They have what I would call First World infrastructure, unlike us.
Isn't the relevant tax code where you make the money usually? If he keeps earning in France, they're going to take their cut. I don't quite imagine that his career as a Russian movie star is be particularly successful, will it?
I kind of already knew that Depardieu was a self-centered prick.
I like how much Depardieu's tax shenanigans have been annoying the French. They may be not particularly fond of the tax, nor of its proponent their deeply unpopular President Hollande. But for Depardieu to complain that, having paid almost $200 million in taxes during his life, he should not be burdened further - the French are not putting up with that either.
How exactly is Russia more American than America? Because they have a flat tax? I wasn't aware a flat tax was an American ideal.
In Soviet Russia, taxes evade you!
I may have been waiting most of my life to automatically and witlessly respond to a right-wing complaint with, 'Don't like it?---then go to RUSSIA.'
He'll have a hard time selling his crappy movies in France. And if he shoots off his mouth in Russia, he could find himself in a cell next to Pussy Riot.
@12, nope, it's where you maintain your primary residence.

The countries that take their cut of my foreign investments would disagree.

If he's still working in France, he will be paying at least some French taxes.
Wait, the Russians have acquired Depardieu technology? He's the closest living thing the world has to an actual Choose Your Own Adventure character, and now he's defected to the East. This can't be good.

@16 - Thank you.
The hilarious irony: if the Kremlin really wants to fuck up one of their local oligarchs (say he want's to run as a reform candidate for example), want to guess how they do it?

Charge the poor (I mean mind numbingly rich) bastard with tax evasion.
@10 All Depardieu wanted to do was to tell a story about a man. A radioactive man.....
The French gov't should force Depardouche to apply for a visa every time he wants to set foot in France.
Living in Russia is it's own tax.