It Will Never Be Easy to Vote for a Democrat in Florida


Time for everyone to switch to the mail-in system we use. Standing in line is bullshit.
The idea that we should all have the oportunity to vote is awful. We should ALL be obligated to vote. For a representative government to work as one, we should all vote. Stop the get out the vote strategy, and make it a law. Give people a week to vote or whatever, maybe a day off, make mail in ballots available to everyone who wants them, or whatever will get every last one of us to the ballot box.
This calls for a class action lawsuit that stops this bullshit once and for all.
Disenfranchisement and fraud is the only way republicans can win, and they obviously know it.
Orange county Supervisor of Election is a Democrat. They are their own worst enemy
It will never be easy to vote *period* in Florida.
I've been saying for the past 12+ years that if you boiled down the Florida General Election of 2000 down to the microcosm of a County Election for dogcatcher, Scalia, Thomas, Jeb Bush, That Makeup Bitch, and a few others would probably still be in jail.
Doesn't Australia fine you $50 if you don't vote, and Voting Day is also a holiday there?
@4: Word.