Today in Rape and Other Violence Against Women


Could you switch to animal rights or the fight against non-organic gluten? Rape is so 2012.
Thanks for the graphic detail without warning. Really appreciate that.
It won't be the government carrying it out, but her relatives might have some punishment for the juvenile waiting when he's released. not to wish violence on someone or anything...
What. The. Fuck.
If you've watched the Republicans, they always get back at whoever does not vote for them. It's revenge, pure and simple.
May you get raped exactly 2012 times in 2013. You've certainly earned it.
#6 was for #1, BTW
Extracted her intestine with his bare hands? Now that is a third-world problem. Aren't you glad that we have first-world problems?
#6, we need to hear much more about the rape of organic gluten-free muffins by SUV drivers from Bellevue who talk on their cellphones and oppose density.
@9 - no, what we need to hear about is you visualizing someone raping your mother, or sister, or any woman you care about (if that's even possible.) done? great. so how funny are those lame rape jokes now?
Rape Culture, Exhibit A: @1, @8, @9.
#10, I'm horrified to think that you regard the rape of an organic gluten-free muffin as some kind of joke. Monster!
I'll have you know, #10, that the muffin was abducted from a farmer's market and assaulted in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart on the East Side. And you mean to tell me that you're not outraged? That you think it's some kind of joke? How can you bear to even live with yourself?
@12 - really? deflection and avoidance? still waiting for your answer...
@13 You are a weeping, puss-dripping, dick-canker.
I still want to know: Who the fuck was driving the bus? Was it one of the attackers? Or was it a city bus driver? If not one of the terrible men who attacked, shouldn't they face charges of negligence or accomplicery or something?

@12 - Unrepentant, and simply digging oneself in further.
Are you in a safe place, Mister G?
@16: The bus was chartered by the assailants. The driver is one of those chraged. The victim and her companion were lured aboard, thinking it was a city bus.
I think so, #17. Thinking of coming after me with them teeth? But really, you should thank me. So should the Stranger, because now this thread will have dozens and dozens of comments from sanctimonious "progressives" eager to point to the commenter who doesn't take This Serious Issue seriously enough.
@ 15 - Seconded.

The whole thing is just so horror show, it's almost impossible to process.
So when I say I'm a feminist other women will grimace and squirm politely and then make a lame statement about why they're not that basically amounts to: I'm afraid men won't like me but I still want to be able to vote and be paid equally, etc.. Then something like this happens and I can use as an example to say here's why I'm a feminist. The bit of information about the woman's entrails really makes my point about misogyny being alive and well. Wish I didn't have such a good reason.
@19 - More deflection with a new angle. Still waiting on that answer. Is the rape of YOUR mother funny? Do you want to tell a joke about it now?
@19: Oh but sweetie that would require any of us taking you "seriously".
Honestly you're so over the top at this point you're actually cheering me up a little.
@22: Right there with ya. This and that Steubenville bullshit.
@18 - My god, that is just psychotic...
@11 No, those are just anonymous strangers trying to rile you up. When you overreact and call such nonsense "rape culture", you are actually trivializing and diminishing the real issue.

Get a life.
Mister G, I see today you decided to seek negative attention. Why don't you man up and start making rape jokes in public, rather than being shamed by random people on the Internet. Once you have the balls to do that, maybe you can move beyond bottom shelf troll.

They'll just run for National Congress seats and get immunity anyway.
Mister G, you've officially jumped the shark. Your need for negative attention, and more painfully awful attempts at trolling is so childish, I really recommend heading over to 4chan to bone up on your trolling skills. I'd recommend free republic but even those dudes would be embarrassed by you.
#24, did you know that a University of Idaho study showed that 27% of rapists have peanut allergies?
@27: I must disagree. It is a continuum. From little seeds of "oh boys will be boys" and "people say stupid shit on the internet" evil, a mighty tree may grow. Go listen to those boys from Steubenville. Things like this incident in India don't happen miraculously. It's step by rape apology step that gets us there.
@31: LOL
Gals, before you head out for the night, a little dab of peanut butter where no one can see it just might do the trick.
I can't remember ever seeing anyone (in real life or online) as rape-obsessed as Mister G. Seriously, find a girlfriend (or more likely, hire a sex worker) who's willing to indulge your fantasies.
I'd say Ciena Madrid has a much bigger rape obsession than me. As for the advice to find a good whore, how can I do it now that Michael McGinn has shut down the Weekly?
It's such a great show of privilege not to care about these things. You're so not worried about being raped to death, it's just a big joke! Or, telling everyone in here what a stupid thing we're talking about, because derailing is so insightful and productive. Well done.

When something like this happens, after the shock wears off, I try to think about the good that is coming out of the terrible. That, and that education and determination are the things that will bring slow, inexorable progress.
@22: YES. They don't understand that people dislike the principles of feminism as much as the name. "Well, people just react badly to the word 'feminist.'" Yeah ... people react badly to you being able to take birth control. Or having an abortion. Or reporting a rape. Guess you better not do any of those things, lest people think you're a radical!

Rape culture is a cancer and needs to seen so it can be cut out, thanks for covering it Cienna.
@36 - Anything but an answer to the question, eh? Still waiting, if you have the balls to answer it. Becoming quite clear you don't. Your mother just got raped. Would you like to share a great joke about it?
@40: you are unregistered. He may not be able to see you. Although it may not make a difference even if he could see your comment.
@32 It's a grown adult trying to get it's jollies by fucking with people. No different than racist divershity troll. And not representative of the human population.

I can't help but shake my head when people get sucked in and make an ass out of themselves.

It's been responding to unregistered comments, so, yes, it does see them.
@41 - He referenced my earlier comments a couple of times. He's reading them. He just doesn't like my challenge, and will never respond because he is a coward.
@42 - I get what you're saying, but sometimes you can't just let it go, ya' know? Sometimes you hafta persist, and maybe just a little breaks the surface. How did anyone make an ass out of themselves? By feeding the troll? Come on, we're all aware of the futility, but if you don't give them a time out, they'll never learn, right?
@44: He's a troll and he's tickled to bits that he's causing you distress. Answering any of us in good faith isn't what interests him.
He used to post as if he had a political agenda, but he kept having his ass handed to him, so now he just throws poo, buzzwords, and inappropriate punctuation.

It's kind of hilarious.

There is now footage online of a member of India's Parliment getting stripped and slapped by a bunch of women. He was then detained until the police came and has been charged with rape. Apparently he was caught in the act of raping a woman. If so it is unfortunate that they bothered to turn him over to the police.
Perhaps enough pressure will be placed on Republicans by the new Democratic Congress folks that the VAWA bill will be passed after all.

If I were one of the 16 female Dems in the Senate, I would bring it up each and every day.
Why is it that all the unregistered trolls hate gays and blacks, and all the registered trolls hate women?

Because misogyny is still a little more socially acceptable, even in liberal circles. For example you wouldn't dream of laying any blame at the feet of some one walking home who had been attacked for being gay or black.
So. Wait... Rape is legal now???
@49: ....and this is why I pointed to one of our registered trolls as an exemplar of rape culture.

It is still considered acceptable - if somewhat naughty - to make jokes around and about the violent rape and murder of a woman. When I point this out, and suggest that it shouldn't be acceptable, I am told that I am the one with the problem.

How many registered trolls - or unregistered, for that matter - are as comfortable posting "Nigger" as they are making rape jokes, or trolling in rape topics?
#51, only if the rapist is a "progressive" who's doing it to my mother.
@52: Thanks for getting it.
Seattle's "progressives" actually approve of rape if the victim or victim's relative has the wrong attitude. In all things "progressive" in Seattle, hypocrisy reigns. Even rape. Not only that, but the "progressives" are entirely nonchalant about the rape of innocent foodstuffs.
Any idiot who thinks they don't know someone who's gone through either rape or sexual abuse- you're in for a reverse santa claus situation.
I'm a guy, I've said silly shit in my life, it's like we have a sense of humour based on who can say the most shocking thing. That said I found out when I was an adult that my mum had been raped as a young adult- she never said anything about it (she's my mum I guess she thought it might be inappropriate to burden me with that information), and then I found out my sister and grandmother had both been raped at some point in their lives.
Which leads me to say this: people (us guys in particular) make a lot of jokes about rape, and violence towards women, and we don't know wtf we are talking about.
When people actually talk about it, the probability that you know someone who has been raped and or sexually assaulted is higher than you think.
I am a raging feminist, and everyone should be. Who on average is most likely to transmit the values and norms of a society to the next generation? Probably mothers? Wouldn't it be nice for them if we didn't condescend to reduce feminism to "complaining too much"?

Lastly I'm not interested in trolls, they lend their spare time to winding people up extracting the same glee guys get from telling violent rape jokes. I'm certainly not going to collude with them by telling their victims to stop complaining.
@56: You speak so much truth.
My husband was having lunch with a group of co workers when this topic came up and one of the men scoffed that the numbers of sexual assaults were inflated. My husband, who has had a very active social life said that he could, out of the scores of women with whom he had been, count on one hand the number who had never been assaulted in some way. The man scoffed that the women at the table hadn't been. All but one of them raised her hand to say that she had been raped.
If we don't talk about it, it makes it so easy to pretend that it doesn't happen.
Dolphins are the gang rapists of the sea, but everyone still wants to swim with them. Their secret: always keep a smile on your face.
The man scoffed that the women at the table hadn't been. All but one of them raised her hand to say that she had been raped.

I'd love to hear what they defined as "rape."
@59: And I'd love to be there when you ask them big guy.
Why don't you try a little experiment in your own life and ask the women you know if any of them have been sexually assaulted and how they define it.
I never thought the Stranger would get a commenter who is as dumb as "Will In Seattle" or as pathetic a troll as "Supreme Ruler of the Universe." Then Mr.G hopped onto his big sister's laptop and started hammering away at that keyboard.
@61: Yeah he's a special little toaster. He's tried being semi intellectual ( posting about things he knows nothing about, most recently local distilleries ) but that really hasn't worked out for him. Now he's trying out some sort of middle school on line gamer persona. Like you said, annoying little brother kind of crap. I'm a little surprised he hasn't put the word dolphins in quotation marks yet in one of the 3 or 4 places he's posted about them. Boy loves him some quotation marks.
Now you've done it. He'll make a joke about dolphins raping your "progressive" "mom" and that'll sure show us who's the REAL dumbass around here!
LOL! I hope so! That would be hilarious.
#63, actually, the "progressives" approve of rape as a means of punishing those who don't agree with them. Probably goes with their general rape fetish, and it's why they like the dolphins so much.