Patrick Dempsey Buys Tully's Coffee? Ohhh-kay....


Get over to the Tully's in Clyde Hill right now, he's there! (first exit off eastbound 520)
Hunky TV doctor, race car driver (…), and now, coffee mogul. Is there anything this guy can't do?
Holy shit, doesn't a rich dude like Dempsey have money guys to protect him from himself!?! Tully's is where investments go to die.
Geez Louise!!!!!

Tully's coffee sucks royally, always the worst coffee in Seattle, even worse than Peets and Starshucks.

A complete douchetard with absolutely no taste in coffee --- should be hunted down and slaughtered (that's a joke, fnarf pansy trust fund boy).

Seriously, what sort of cretin imbibes Tully's???

Tully's ftw!
He should use cups that show him clothed when they are upright. And then unclothed when turned upside down. Like the old stripper pens. I'd rush into Tully's in a heart beat.
Tullys is not great, but unlike Charbucks and 90%of the tiny drive-up coffee stands, Tullys stocks rice milk. Important for those folks intolerant of lactose and also allergic to soy.

Not a big population, but it sucks to be in it and Tullys can be counted on to come through.
Big fan of Patrick (he's an extremely decent human being - having helped his mother through two bouts of ovarian cancer and then using his money to open and fund

I am NOT a fan of Tully's coffee, however and while Green Mountain Coffee is decent (by East coast standards) realistically not even that's enough to save Tully's.

Totally weird that he spent so much money on it. Seattle has SO MANY amazing coffee places.
@4 youre totally wrong. Tully's is way better than Starbucks or SBC.
Is he going to jack off into each and every latte?
In every second of screen time I've ever seen this man oozes an image of complete and total unlikeability. Apparently there are many who disagree.
Phew. I thought I was hallucinating when I saw him downtown on Tuesday.
@11, thank you. I've always thought there was something really unlikable about him.
There's also something...hmmm, how to say..unattractive? about him. Why dreamy? I don't get it!!
I have to confess, I like my coffee unburnt, so I prefer Tully's to Starb*cks.

I will say that when the SCCA coffee shops changed to Starbucks, I thought there would be a zombie army of oncologists and nurses rising up to kill but beyond much grumblings the *buck-ers seem to be staying on.
Dempsey is "swarthy"?
@14, I just seen the pics of him on the Seattle Times website (he isn't all made up and pretty looking) and he seriously looks like the creepy old guys you see lurking around in a bath house offering blow jobs to anyone.

How that is "attractive" is beyond me.
I'm sure he's a damn sight better looking than the lot of you.
You guys are rough. He might be best advised to forgo the next Slog Happy. Hard to measure up to the soaring comeliness of commenters here.
TV Dinner is probably right (I know that when I look in the mirror every morning I hope to look just a little bit more like Patrick Dempsey. Every morning I am disappointed and scrub my face with a SOS pad).

Though I merely said that there was "something" unattractive about him...maybe he has a great personality? Maybe he's not my type? Maybe because I never watched Grey's Anatomy?
@20: You hate great hair. Obviously.
I hope he has some inkling of why Tully's failed so he knows what to change. I don't claim to know myself, but his comments suggest that he hasn't the slightest clue, either.
# 3 & 22 -- Realism, FTW. If what they claim is true, they're paying $200,000 per store for a shitty brand that's been bleeding money since the minute it was founded. Sounds McStupid to me.