RE: In the Entire History of the U.S. Senate, Only 44 Women Have Ever Been Sworn In


I think the statement would work better as "a subset of white males against everyone else", so that's it's clear there are plenty of white males on both sides. I still don't agree, insofar as a sizable proportion of Republican voters are female, even if the leadership is male, though the past against the future is apt.
Way to marginalize everybody white and male, most of whom AREN'T sociopathic dickbags. If only there was some historical precedent that could inform us all about the dangers of stereotyping people based on gender and skin color...
As a white male, I can assure you that most white males are, indeed, sociopathic dickbags.
@1: Agreed. The GOP as it is today is a party of a particular group of white males - and white females - that share little with people like me apart from skin color and, possibly, some life experiences associated with that skin color. In fact, at least here in the Northeast, I'd say I know slightly more conservative women than men, although the count of either is pretty negligible.
@1, that's what i meant by the rest: "(the rest includes white males)"
to say it's white males versus everyone else but the rest includes white males is like hearing sarah palin translated to have a leftist point of view.

it's illogical gibberish.

@6, what does he have to do with this post? it's like asking me for an opinion of adam lanza. so out of the blue.
While we all know what the troll's ugly agenda is, and it is not one worth paying attention to, it does seem just a tad hypocritical for you, Charles, to call somebody else out for a non-sequitur, Mister King of the Non-sequiturs.
As long as there are more Elizabeth Warrens, and fewer Maria Cantwells and Diane Feinsteins, I'll be satisfied....
"it's like asking me for an opinion of adam lanza"

Except the Adam Lanza's in America are outliers, less than 0.1% of all gun deaths in the US, whereas the Ja'Mari's are 50% of all gun deaths.
Must be tough being a liberal, everywhere you go, constantly checking out everyones race, assessing their gender and being sure everyone is happy with their testicles/vaginas.

It's like having a stick permanently rooted up your ass.
@9: I went "huehuehuehuehuehue" in my chair.