And remember how the gay Log Cabin Republicans did back flips about it?

Log Cabin Republicans agree strongly with Congressman Eric Cantor (R-VA) that the GOP “need[s] to be a party of inclusion, not exclusion.” In an interview with Buzzfeed, the congressman urged tolerance and acceptance of a diversity of opinion on issues including the freedom to marry. “The Log Cabin Republicans motto is ‘inclusion wins,’ and it is encouraging to see conservative leaders like Majority Leader Cantor promoting that message."

You'll never guess who played a big role in killing the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act—and you'll never guess why:

The Violence Against Women Act first became law in 1994 and has since been routinely reauthorized without controversy. By providing resources for law enforcement to combat spousal abuse, it has protected countless women from domestic violence. But the 2012 re-authorization, like many initiatives of the just-concluded Congress, fell prey to House Republican resistance—in this case, to expanding the Act to cover more women. In the end, House GOP leaders refused bring to a vote a bill that passed the Senate with a bipartisan supermajority....

The battle began last spring in the Senate. Democrats introduced a re-authorization—written with input from law enforcement and anti-domestic-violence advocates—with expanded provisions to protect victims even if they’re gay, illegal immigrants or Native Americans living in tribal jurisdictions. Republicans balked, demanding those additions be stripped out and introducing a competing version that omitted them....

In December, there was a glimmer of hope for the measure when Biden, the chief architect of the original VAWA, entered negotiations with [House Majority Leader Eric] Cantor (R-VA) to see if they could resolve the disputes. But that, too, went nowhere. A top Senate Democratic aide said Cantor refused to budge on [removing] the LGBT, undocumented immigrant and especially tribal jurisdiction provisions.

So Eric "Party of Inclusion" Cantor killed the VAWA because he couldn't exclude LGBT victims of domestic violence from the act, along with immigrant and Native American victims of domestic violence. Maybe the boys at Log Cabin Republicans should remove their tongues from Cantor's ass long enough to spit out a press release about that.