Remember When Eric Cantor Said He Wanted the GOP to Be More Inclusive?


Keep it up guys. 2016 will be a cakewalk.
Why did he refuse to give ground "especially" in the case of tribal jurisdiction? I can understand the refusal on LGBT and illegal immigrant women given the GOP mindset (repugnant as it may be, I can at least understand the basis for it, given their beliefs), but why do they balk particularly at Native American women in this bill?
@ 1, before 2014 comes 2016. Don't make the mistake of overlooking midterms - the 2010 election led directly to the firm gerrymandering of the House for the GOP.
Negative, Dano, I've never listened to neocon super-stooges of Wall Street like Cantor.

The fact that you listen to him is probably why you grew up so screwed up and supported the Bush Crime Family's illegal invasion of Iraq originally and ended up as editor of a faux alternative rag like The Stranger, but there's always hope and change, fellow....
Why don't lesbians just quit abusing each other?.....
Violence against Native American women is a bigger problem than people realize. In Arizona, young men drive onto the reservation looking for women to attack. They know the Arizona state police won't follow them, and they know the tribes only have the authority to punish crimes with a five-year sentence or shorter.
@2 Because rural white Americans, especially those who live near reservations (think South Dakota) hate indigenous people. Seriously. It will do no favors to Republicans to address the rape of native women as a hate crime when so many white men think of it as a fun weekend activity to drive to the reservation and rape someone.…
@3 true, but as long as the GOP is sticking with its old-white-guy play book, they are sidelining themselves.

And I'm okay with that.
WELCOME BACK, Dan! (You are back, yes?)

January 4th, 2013, and you're already stirring up the pot. Please, Sir, can I have some more? Keep it coming, we can take it.



P.S., When does the book come out?
Andrew Sullivan's love for the GOP will never be affected by such lapses, never touched by the hand of reality.
Sorry to trouble you, pragmatic compromise-loving Democrats. Glad your guy got into the White House again, I'm sure you were afraid the drone program would go away and you'd lose your Third Way cred to Mitt.

Anyway, I'm so happy you've taken notice of crimes against Native Americans -- we're really hurting, you know. The problem goes well beyond just the Rez boundaries and beyond social issues like drinking. It's pretty big! Part of that problem is rooted in a lack of will to fight for Native Americans. That's why even off-rez Native American women are constantly attacked -- nobody really gives two hoots!

So, since you're done with your big election and your guy can't get elected again, maybe you could, um, back more Native American rights and protections? If it isn't too much trouble. I mean, you can be pragmatic and compromise us away in order to land other big wins like protecting top earners and raising taxes on the middle class while pondering entitlement reform (also known as "cutting Social Security"), but there's only a few million of us left and we really don't want you to feel bad if genocide finally works out in your favor because liberal guilt is such a bummer.

Alright, back to your compromise and centrism and pragmatism, guys. Just keep us in mind :)
As a vegan of 1/32 Native American descent...

I guess you missed the part where all of VAWA went down in flames because the administration wouldn't budge on indigenous women's rights.
Baconcat was being sarcastic keshmeshi.
@13 Don't be so defensive. If you had even a small clue about what Baconcat is talking about you would not have posted this.

@6, 7: Thank you for the info. Pardon me while I go vomit in rage and disgust.
@14: Sounds like he's being sarcastic, but also horribly fucking smug, as if all Democrats were lockstep "Obamabots" or something.

And what would that be? The Democrats actually took a stand for once. What else were they supposed to do?
The Republican party has been the party of exclusion since forever. The party should change its name to the Obstructionist party.
Two-hundred years from now when people will laugh about gay discrimination ("Can you believe people did that?"), and being gay will be about as interesting as having blue eyes or brown hair, the Republicans will then and only then stop their shit - and the Log Cabin Republicans will say, "See? We made a difference!"
Oh don't be so hard on Eric Canker. He wants a more diverse Republican party. He does however want those Republicans who are not white males to know their place and shut the fuck up.
Anyone know what actual tribal authorities think about this? Maybe they resent federal intrusion into their jurisdiction. I don't know the answer to that question, but it sounds at least as plausible as the suggestion that Cantor is carrying water for the admittedly well-funded and influential white-boys-who-drive-onto-reservations-to-beat-up-native-women lobby.
@23 - Women are not only "beat up" by white men trolling for prey on the reservation. They're gang raped, abused and left with no justice for the crimes done against them. Here's an article:…

Please read. Your comment was atrocious.