The "Romney Recovery" continues: The US economy added 155,000 jobs in December, as the unemployment rate held at 7.8 percent. A total 1.84 million jobs were added for the year.

Mint the coin! Consensus is starting to build, urging President Obama to sidestep the looming debt ceiling showdown by minting a couple trillion dollar coins and depositing them with the Federal Reserve. There's even a petition.

Or so Google News tells me... Search giant Google was cleared of federal anti-trust charges after agreeing to make minor tweaks to its search results. Google had been accused of providing preferential placement for its own services over that of competitors.

Four dead, two wounded. You know how Switzerland is such a gun-crazy country, yet never has any US-style shooting rampages? Not so much. Also, a quarter of all Swiss suicides are by firearms.

If only we had some sort of "state store" that sold intoxicating substances. California vending machine company Medbox is offering to help the state liquor control board set up rules for selling marijuana.

The Bank Dick. A man suspected of robbing the US Bank near Broadway and East John on New Year's Eve was caught after he was found masturbating on a nearby sidewalk.

Duck! Some college football team from Oregon won a bowl game or something.

And 1 in 4 drive stupid. A CDC survey has finds a driving drowsy epidemic, with 1 in 24 drivers admitting to falling asleep at the wheel during the past month.

School of hard knocks? A Bartow County, Georgia school board member has resigned after running over a 17-year-girl who was saving a parking space in a Walmart parking lot.

Planet of the Guppies! Swedish scientists have bred big-brained guppies in order to study, well, who cares what they're studying... I've seen enough sci-fi films to know that this can't turn out well.