I wrote about this new and potentially revolutionary building, the Bullit Center, in the current A&P:

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If all works out, the Bullitt Center, which fully opens in April, will be like a forest. The words Denis Hayes, the head of the Bullitt Foundation, said to me during a visit of the building:
It does not look at all like a douglas-fir forest but it is like a douglas-fir forest. The impact it has on this site is pretty much the same as a douglas-fir forest had on this site 200 years ago. The douglas-fir got all of its energy from the sun through photosynthesis, it gets its energy from the sun through photovoltaics. The forest supported a complex ecosystem; there’s a complex ecosystem in the building. The forest got water and disposed it in the ground, this building does the same for the most part. It disposes most of its water not in the bay but in the ground.

Showing that developers are not immune to hate, one who shall remain unnamed, and who is also very much into the green thing, told me this during a party for some architectural event:

The Bullitt building? If Dorothy only knew what they were doing with her money, she would turn in her grave.
Dorothy Stimson Bullitt? She, according Wikipedia, "was a radio and television pioneer who founded King Broadcasting Company, a major owner of broadcast stations in Seattle... and the first woman in the United States to buy and manage a television station." Dorothy established the Bullitt Foundation in 1952. My opinion? Turning in your grave is not always a bad thing.