Apparently, It's Time for Football


If you care so little, why take the time to write this post? I couldn't care less about the Seahawks but this kind of shit really annoys me. That was probably your point.
I love it when smug pseudo-intellectuals like Paul publicly deride something that they admit to not understand.

Go get a bigger high horse.
Ditto @1: I also have no real idea of the rules of football, but I recognize that as an weakness rather than something to be proud of. Bragging that you don't understand something is always sad, whether you're saying you don't need to understand that high-falutin' "science" or those plebeian "sports."

you calling 600K folks in DC racist, when voters in washington and 49 other states deny voting rights to Dc?

seems like you're into words more than substance. not to mention vandals, celts, "whites" and "blacks".

and let's not even get into the denial of equal rights for the six million in puerto rico. I don't see folks in america caring about that too much.
First of all, yes, it's an incredibly racist name. We've been asking the owner to change it for years, he's a douche and refuses. Second, 14-0 and its still the first quarter. Now will Seahawks fans start taking Alfred Morris seriously? Because he's running all over the defense you are so proud of.
in other news, Hank Williams Jr is still a fucking meathead
Seeing The Hobbit for the second time, this time at 48FPS. You ain't seen racism until you watch a performance in beardface.
@1 Yeah, we get breathless updates about the NHL, a league that Seattle has *never* been a part of, and for a team that has been quite a storied participant in Seattle's history for 35+ years, Slog offers up posts about how much he doesn't care.

Is it too much difficulty to find a Stranger staffer to post about the Hawks? Fuck, even Chicago Fan would do.

And for criminy's sake, send Megan to post on some blog in Canada where her NHL-lust would be welcome.
Yeah, fuck you, Paul! How dare you not treat football with a degree of reverence you never give anything else?
Hey now everybody, let's give Paul some credit. This post may be a big pseudo-intellectual, self-superior jerkoff, but at least it's not a halfassed repost of a 2 day old post from another blog!
My favorite "fight song" is "Bear Down" for the Chicago Bears written by Jerry Downs in 1941:

"Bear down, Chicago Bears, make every play clear the way to victory.
Bear down, Chicago Bears, put up a fight with a might so fearlessly.
We'll never forget the way you thrilled the nation with your T formation.
Bear down, Chicago Bears, and let them know why you're wearing the crown.
You're the pride and joy of Illinois, Chicago Bears, Bear down"

Relatively benign but clever. The Chicago Blackhawks also have a fight though I can't remember the name ("Here Come the Hawks"?). It's a charm, the fight song of some of the old professional sports' franchises. They emanate from college varsity sport teams' cheer/fight songs.
I skip the posts I don't like. Try it out.
Nice recovery after a bad start by the Hawks. 14-13 Washington at halftime.
NFL - where the average gameplay is around 10.5 minutes and 70 minutes of commentary

fuck that shit
But seriously, go Hawks! We've got some momentum now.
@10 It's not about "reverence." If you're going to cover something, cover it. If you're not, don't. But these superior posts are a bit embarrassing. Paul has a lot of interesting things to say. It doesn't mean everything he says is interesting, or that he should pontificate on every subject.
Go back to drinking your tea. Liking sports isn't the end of the world and people like you bore me.
Hi, everyone! Allow me to crap on something a lot of you love, and pretend I'm a better person for actively not enjoying it! Aren't I cool, guys? ...guys? ...why does nobody ever like me?

I don't follow football. And despite years of sitting in bleachers as part of the marching band in high school, I still don't understand what a "down" is.

But I admit to a certain vicarious thrill seeing how excited people get about the games, and of course I wish our team the best. In the meantime, I'm baking a carrot cake.
Carrot cake? Now? Our team just fumbled at the goalline!! We need your support Catalina!
@6 interestingly " The American Counseling Association adopted a resolution December 2, 2001 opposing the use of stereotypical Native American images as sports symbols and mascots.[7]"

um, that would include the seahawks logo, right?
and using native american images as say, the symbol of a city, that would be okay, right?
That fact that you people have enough time between downs to run to SLOG and bitch about Paul expressing his "superior" non-interest in your favorite multi-million-dollar-generating for-profit spectator sport says pretty much everything we NEED to know about it.


Seattle may have never been a part of the NHL, but we DO have one Stanley Cup win to our credit (Seattle Metropolitans, 1917), which thus gives us a better hockey championship record than roughly 1/3 of the teams currently in the League.
@18 - Then consider this an open thread for those who wish to discuss it. Or, you know, we could spend 20+ comments bitching about the journalistic merits of a blog post.

Depends. What race of Homo sapiens sapiens does an osprey represent?
Constant likes soccer, it's the sport for middle class, white, college educated people in Seattle. It makes them feel sophisticated to talk about the European leagues. It's a fine example of the provincialism of white, college educated people in Seattle. Basketball and football? Too many negroes and working class people for the true Seattle Sophisticated Liberal.

Liking football (i.e. soccer) has nothing to do with any of that - particularly given the fact that, unlike in the U.S. and Canada, it IS the one spectator sport almost universally followed by middle- and lower-class peoples throughout the world; and one with a quite respectable representation on non-white players on the field, I would add.

What's "provincial" is the arrogant assumption on the part of NFL, NBA, MLB - and yes, even NHL fans, that a team can be "world champions" in a sport wherein only two countries participate professionally, unlike football (everywhere else), where the term "world champions" actually MEANS something.
@9 Thank you! How come it's ok to gush over hockey, but The Stranger has to bash, or at least roll their eye at, every other sport? The hypocrisy is killing me.

For the record, Seattle is a basketball city. 10 Seattle natives have played in the NBA this year, plus one each from Tacoma, Bremerton and Snohomish. We could literally field a whole team of just Seattle natives, and if it weren't for Brandon Roy's knees, they wouldn't be half bad. How 'bout some love for a sport Seattleites actually play? Is there even one NHL player from Seattle?
@29 Well, that's why you're a Seattle Sophisticated Liberal! You're just ooze sophistication. Hell, I bet you even traveled overseas a couple of times, maybe even spent a week somewhere not-America, because you just know how awful the USA is!
@27 an osprey in a stylized native american totem pole type logo is a native american image used for a sports team. seattle city logo is a native american image used for a logo. i don't see where any descendants of chief sealth said we could use his image for our own purposes.

You have two seattleites: one kind is born in the northwest just following the course of nature. The other kind is a transplant who has chosen to move to the NW because it's a groovy place. The Stranger is predominately for and by the latter.
Doocy correctly states that Hank Williams Jr "comes from country music royalty", and like most offspring of royalty Hank is an arrogant featherbrain with an overinflated regard for his own opinions.
Hey Paul, whatcha readin?
I for one think that if you're not interested in listening to someone talk about how they don't know the rules of football and don't watch it, you're basically saying that you're not interested in listening to somebody who doesn't own a TV talk about how they don't even know the names of any popular TV shows. It's tantamount to having no interest in listening to vegans describe how unfamiliar they are with the taste of meat. Is that really who you want to be?

Personally my all time favorite blog is that one with the lesbians describing their purely hypothetical understanding of what cock is like and their total lack of interest in finding out first hand.
Does NOT look good for the Redskins.

Why yes, as a matter of fact, I HAVE traveled more than a days journey from the place of my birth, including a number of non-U.S. countries (America being the designation for two CONTINENTS, and not ONE COUNTRY, as us Sophisticated Liberals are well aware, and hence why our particular country is officially called "The United States OF America", and not simply "'Murkah!", as it is pronounced amongst the mouth-breathers).

And so I can say with some assurance that, while the US of A is not by any stretch, the MOST awful place I have ever been, there ARE parts of it that would make Neza-Chalco-Itze in Ciudad de Mexico, or Dharavi in Mumbai look like veritable oases of luxury in comparison - perhaps you are from one of these? Say, most parts of South Dakota or Mississippi, or large portions of South Carolina, Louisiana, or Kentucky, perhaps?
I'd rather watch good game of Sheep and Tides.
It's not how you start, it's how you finish. 24-14 Hawks! Woo!

"perhaps you are from one of these?"

Depends which passport I'm using while traveling.

Your insecurities towards my adoptive homeland, the gold ol' USA, are what make you so provincial. Your constant need to compare yourself to the few places you've touristed are what make you the classic White Seattle Sophisticated Liberal.

So tell us more how soccer is the sport of the masses whereas football is just a "multi-million-dollar-generating for-profit spectator sport'. I need a good giggle.

Isn't the author of the post simply doing the job of the Serious Fun Guy, the blue suited early season showcase character who seems to have been quietly swept under the rug by the NFL.

You'd think that had learned their lesson with Dennis Miller.

@39 - Go to Wyoming. The stark poverty there is shocking, and since it is obvious that YOU are well traveled (unlike the troll), you'll be able to appreciate it. And not surprisingly, Wyoming is one of the most conservative states in the US of Murkah.
@34 Touché. And as they say, "When in Rome, keep your stick on the ice."

The obvious difference of course being that the Seahawks logo is, as you say a "stylized" (i.e. rendered in the style of) Coast Salish image of a bird; quite different from the offensively cartoonish depictions of Native Americans themselves, as represented by the Redskins or Indians logos, neither of which are based or "in the style of" any actual, authentic design or imagery.

As for rights to use Si'ahl's image to represent the city named in his honor, I suppose, by your logic, should we also have asked permission from the descendants of George Washington to use his likeness on our State Seal, or those of Abraham Lincoln, before we put his profile on the one-cent coin? And which descendants should we ask? Only direct descendants? All descendants? Do we have to identify and contact all of them before a decision can be made, or just a majority? A plurality? And once contacted, is the decision to be left to a majority vote? Consensus? Do they elect representatives?

The reason why the City of Seattle doesn't have to go to such absurd lengths as I've described above is covered under a legal concept known at "Right of Publicity", which exempts certain uses of names and images from copyright protection (assuming the name and image were copyrighted in the first place); one test is whether the use is intended to make money, which in the case of the Seattle City Logo it is clearly NOT.

In any event, it's a moot point, since the only picture of Si'ahl (from which all other images and likenesses have been derived) was taken in 1864, and any copyright for its use or derivation - had such been registered at the time - would have been long-expired, and the image itself transferred into the Public Domain, many decades before the Seattle City logo was created.
You disrespect the rave green? Oh hell no. Move back to Cally.
Paul, I love ya, but the abuse you've taken on this thread is totally deserved. Also would second the observation that this blog is bizarrely slanted toward NHL hockey, which makes no sense for a town that DOESNT HAVE AN NHL TEAM.
@12 twelve is an obvious bear racist. A bearist? Get him!

I LIVED in WY (Cheyenne & Laramie, to be precise) for about 2 1/2 years, albeit when I was a rather wee spat of about 3 or 4 years of age. Still, old enough for the endlessly flat, brown landscape and frontier mentality to have left an indelible impression; one for which I see no need to to revisit.


Try these for starters:

- Number of countries belonging to FIFA = 208
- Number of countries belonging to the NFL = 1

- Number of countries where Association Football is ranked "most popular" or "most watched" sport (2011) = 148
- Number of countries where NFL Football is ranked "most popular" or "most watched" sport (2011) = 1

- Total number of viewers for FIFA football matches worldwide (2010 estimate) = 3.5 billion
- Total number of NFL viewers worldwide (2011 estimate) = 201 million

- 2010 FIFA World Cup Final Viewership (estimate) = 1.1 B
- 2011 NFL Superbowl Viewership (estimate) = 120 M
It's always exciting when Pauly pauses from sucking on a prepubescent boy's cock to post some crap.
Why the Fox & Friends clip from over a year ago? What does that have to do with anything?

As far as football in America, I've spent lots of time on the field (in high school and younger) and on the couch to be well exposed to it, but I don't miss it now that I'm no longer forced to watch it (or any other sports) due to my family's viewing habits. I do appreciate the perspective outsiders have of our country's love of football, though. Stephen Fry's reaction was especially fun.
@50: I enjoy soccer, but a small-ish minority of soccer fans remind me of the subset of vegans that interject into any conversation about food, even if the topic was about how to properly grill a steak.

That's what you're doing right now.
I rather enjoy a good game of cricket.

Ironic, your statement is, considering I'm NOT the one who brought up any of the topics-of-discussion to which I've responded in this thread.
YAY Paul. I set aside time to watch the game and looked forward to it and the rookie quarterback drama. I enjoyed watching it. It was fun. But hey, football is some seriously violent shit that leaves many of its players permanently injured and with significantly shorter lifespans. In our culture it teaches blind obedience to authority with a violent pack mentality. If Paul wants to blog about it and express disinterest or condescension , express ignorance about it, or denigrate it, more power to him because there is a lot of truth to be said there. On the other hand, the range of opinions here really shows that the Stranger has become a community paper for Seattle, perhaps despite its intention. Everything else is such obvious crap, barring an occasional worthwhile piece in the Weekly. I live embedded directly in sports culture for hours on a daily basis and I still find it weird and alien, no matter how much I like many of the people I inhabit it with . Let your flag fly Paul!
@55: You responded to an anonymous troll comment that nobody gave a shit about (or even saw) otherwise. You're hyper-willingness to leverage any opportunity to interject junk that nobody else here gives a shit about is exactly what I'm talking about.
@54: A good game of cricket is a thing to enjoy. Too bad they are slightly rarer than flying pigs.
Congratulations, Seattle Seahawks!

For you Lefties out there who loathe organize sports, check out this article:…

Holy Shit. I just re-read Paul's little blurb. That was a seriously harmless comment, but we got a thread full of people talking like gun nuts who think someone might ban large clips. Seriously, chill. Football is still king. If your NFL team needs a new stadium, a special election will be held for you to express your will to have people who don't agree with you pay for it. Rejoice.
@COMTE I must agree with you, fuck poor Americans and their damn football...
I think it's the "all of a sudden" that I find off putting as if this city hasn't been crazy for football in general for decades and in particular for the last several weeks.

Everybody in Seattle started drinking coffee all of a sudden!
@50 so which sport is the one you deride as a "multi-million-dollar-generating for-profit spectator sport"?
The local ski resorts were empty today, Paul. Football is great!
"In our culture it teaches blind obedience to authority with a violent pack mentality."

Another naive ignorant American liberal who thinks his nation is uniquely terrible. You've never been to a Millwall match have you?
I like your thinking. As a critic as such, Paul Constant is run of the mill decent, in the tradition of Pauline Kael, Sasha Frere-Jones, etc. As an honest person who is sensitive with words, he is not, and you will expect spews like "all of a sudden" and countless other instances in his writing.
Take the stick out of your butt. it's easy...
It's amazing how the most commented posts are the most worthless.
Oops now I commented, just increasing the problem! Oh well played Paul. Well played. Curse your hipster distain for popular American culture!
writers for any newspaper or blog has a goal to drive interest/traffic so they can sell advertising. highly commented postings = good business, however innane their content.

paul's post is 2 for 2. both annoying and lots of comments. muedede must be jealous!
@60: agreed.

Ah, the tried-and-true "I didn't see it, so it doesn't exist" defense. Spoken like a true head-in-the-sand member of the unreality-based community.


The NFL generates approximately US$13 B in annual revenue from ticket sales, broadcast rights, sponsorships, merchandising, endorsements, etc., etc - almost all of which is generated withiin the U.S. FIFA, OTOH, with approximately 17 TIMES the number of fans as the NFL, generates approximately US$1.4 B in annual revenue worldwide.

GUESS which one I'm talking about...
I wish my ass was full of a bunch of soccer and football income stats. Sounds comfy.
@74 You know, given FIFA only puts on one tournament every four years (and a couple youth tournaments that nobody really cares about), pointing out they still pull in 1/10th the annual revenue of the entire NFL is not really the comparison you think you are making.

On the other hand, you did talk about FIFA like it was some kind of a thing like a sports league that people are fans of, so it's not too hard to see that you might be a little confused on the issue.
The carrot cake turned out wonderfully. Not that anyone asked.
Most of these posts just prove sports fans are assholes.

You're correct: FIFA is not a sports league, it's a confederation of SIX INTERNATIONAL sports leagues, one for each continent (sans Antartica), plus Oceana, organized around one quadrennial 32 team elimination tournament, with (as of 2010) 204 teams entered into the two-year qualifying cycle leading up to it.

And so, it's EXACTLY the comparison I think I'm making - one that shows precisely how FIFA puts on the world's most inclusive, most watched, most attended, and most popular professional sports championship tournament every four years, at a fraction of the cost of a single NFL post-season, which generates ridiculous amounts of revenue, while being seen by a demonstrably minuscule number of people in comparison.

Butter cream frosting?
thank you Paul. truth to power. couldn't have summed it up better.
COMTE: I'm still not sure what point you're trying to prove.

Is it just "Soccer > Football?"
@82 I think? Maybe? Impossible to tell. I think COMTE is Paul's target audience. Go Packers! And good bye.
@78 Doesn't it prove the same of non sports fans?
Truth to power? Whut?
What's sadder than the comments here is that I just read them... Like a least half of them... Damnit.
Actually I want to make a comment.

Paul was poking fun at himself and then said he was going to read a book. In what way was that him condemning anyone or being on a "high horse." Apparently reading is pretentious now.
I had no idea the Seahawks played such dirty football. I wondered why people hated the Seahawks, but know seeing them play a whole game, I understand. If Sherman got called on his constant holding, the guy would not even be able to play CB. Grabbing the jersey to stop WRs is not "being physical" it is "holding."

I could not believe the shit the refs were allowing Seattle to get away with, and how out of hand they let that game get. The refs should be fined for this game.
What happens in the end? The big he-men pat each other on the butts then go off and take a shower together. Just like the good heterosexuals they are.
Dear Stranger, you clearly dont care about the Seahawks or football in general, so please stop posting any articles about it.

Speaking of racism..check out the picture from this article in Bloomberg:…

The next time there's a comment-fest complaining about the high cost of Seahawks tickets, I want the complainers to refer back to this display of fanatical hysteria, er--"12th Man Passion".

It's like watching the weeping in front of a rust stain on a wall that "looks" like Jesus.
"The NFL generates approximately US$13 B in annual revenue from ticket sales, broadcast rights, sponsorships, merchandising, endorsements, etc., etc - almost all of which is generated withiin the U.S. FIFA, OTOH, with approximately 17 TIMES the number of fans as the NFL, generates approximately US$1.4 B in annual revenue worldwide."

@74, are you talk revenue or profits? Because the Premier League, just the Premier League mind you, had revenues of €2.479 billion in 2011.
You have as much of grasp on facts as Will in Seattle.

But keep pretending soccer is a mom and pop business for the masses while the NFL is a corporate, money machine. Your ignorance is cute, like that nearly all-white fan base I see at Sounders games.
"Suddenly interested in football"? What rock have you been hiding under? There's a reason Seattle fans create one of the most intimidating home field advantages in the NFL. We love football, whether we finish 8-8, or 11-5.
What cracks me up is the arguments because various sports fans about why their sport is objectively "better" than the other guys. On a place like Slog, it's usually soccer fans looking down on football bans, because European redneck hooligans are more sophisticated than American redneck hooligans, or something. In other forums, it's soccer being dismissed as unamerican.

Once you've accepted the premise of enjoying other people play sports, there isn't much objective difference between them. If something about soccer floats your boat, go for it. I happen to prefer football and baseball because I grew up with them, understand them a bit better, and there are specific qualities of the games that I find appealing. But that doesn't make me better than you, soccer fan, nor the reverse.
I mangled that first sentence, but you know what I mean.
96 comments on this lame post? Instead of blaming Paul...maybe a lot of you folks should start looking for your news and opinions from more than just the Slog. There is a great big world out there. And on top of that, Slog isn't what it was a couple years ago.
"European redneck hooligans are more sophisticated than American redneck hooligans"

With one difference, in the USA we don't need to separate fans with cages and barbed wire or have half the city lock down every week, like when Millwall plays West Ham or when any Dutch team plays.
82: Comte is arguing against someone who declared that soccer is a sport for elite white Seattle yuppies whereas football is loved by the salt of the earth.

I think pointing out the huge global popularity of soccer among a varied international audience is a perfectly fine counter-argument to this, even if he is arguing it with more fervor than it's worth.
87: Some people just don't understand tongue-in-cheek humor. I like football just fine and I'm not offended that Paul made a semi-sassy posts about how little he gives a shit. Pick your battles, people.

Then again I'm also one of those pretentious soccer fans, too. Maybe all that white wine, arugula salad, and South American art is clogging my brain.