The Catholic Church will stop gay-friendly Masses in the central London church that has held them for the past six years, London's archbishop said on Wednesday.

Yes, the archbishop in London is a bigot. That's Archbishop Vincent Nichols.

But remember that one of the biggest anti-gay bigots in the Catholic church is in Seattle. Archbishop J. Peter Sartain aggressively campaigned against marriage equality using resources from our local Catholic parishes—whether they wanted to participate or not—plus he is leading the national crackdown on American nuns for failing to politicize against contraception and gay marriage. Now that the anti-gay-marriage campaigns is done, his media machine and sympathetic editors will try to reshape his reputation. They'll try to associate him with the good charity work of the local Catholics (that is, work done by progressive Catholics who overwhelmingly support marriage equality). But J. Peter Sartain is a through and through bigot. We can't let him off the hook. We can't let media cover his reign with a soft-focus lens. J. Peter Sartain is a bigot. Repeat it. Tell everyone. Don't let anyone mention his name or the Seattle archdiocese without reminding them what J. Peter Sartain is really all about.