Archbishop J. Peter Sartain Is a Bigot


Does opposition to marriage equality necessarily make someone a bigot?
i'll let you know when i hear anyone else mention the archdiocese or the archbishop. i mean other than the Stranger.
@1 pretty much, yeah
@1, without splitting semantic hairs, yes. That said, there are important distinctions that one can make about whether the origin of the bigotry is a set of unexamined assumptions handed down to the person through tradition (e.g. former Senator Haugen's position prior to her vote for SB6239), or if it is instead a bigotry so fiercely active that it requires the person to rationalize it as something else. Sartain's bigotry is of the latter strain. There is also a third possibility which is not terribly uncommon: stupidity. Clearly Sartain is not an idiot, which makes his strain of bigotry all the more vicious. He is a bad man.

And those are the three possibilities I've observed in the opponents of marriage equality: ordinary and well-meaning people who are steeped in a bigoted tradition; vicious people motivated by baser impulses to dominate and exclude; and deeply stupid people who can't really articulate a coherent thought.
@1 Does opposition to marriage equality of blacks marrying whites necessarily make someone a bigot?
You dont get free pancakes unless its a home game. Seriously Stranger, stop trying to pretend you care about football or the Seahawks in general. It just makes you appear dumber than you already are.
@6 Commenting on the wrong post also makes you appear dumber than you are.
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I personally think it's possible to oppose marriage rights and not be a bigot. I've got personal reservations about same sex marriage myself, though I support the rights of others without my personal situation to marry if they choose.

I think the Catholic "I'm not a bigot!" line would be easier to swallow if the Church could get behind the idea of other gay rights, like anti discrimination bills regarding housing, employment, etc.

As it happens, the theology for this sort of thing is already in place. The Catechism talks about welcoming individual gay people with love and understanding and respecting their human dignity. The Church just isn't implementing it, which I think is a missed opportunity.
The very effective and efficient work done by Catholic non-profits in the Seattle area is financed by governmental money, foundations, and individual donors. The Church does not provide the funding because, you know, the Church has to save the money it gets from individual church members for supporting the Vatican and fighting social justice initiatives.
He's an agent of a foreign regime with a long, ignominious history. PR won't cut it.
@1 what non-bigoted reasons are there for opposing? I've never heard any that weren't unforgivably stupid.
Sartain in not a biggot. The Catholic Church is. Find another home.The Episcopal church welcomes you.
Does opposition to polygamy make someone a bigot?
Since when is sticking to ones beliefs exclusively quality as a definition of a bigot? If that were the case you are a bigot for not allowing the Archbishop to hold his beliefs concerning marriage. A true bigot is someone who is "Intolerant" of another person because of that persons beliefs. If you hold that position in regards to Archbishop Sartain, all you prove is that you don't know him, or the church he represents well enough to even utter a single word!
Dear People,

Here are reasons to oppose same-sex marriage besides hatred.

The male/female relationship is unique among all possible kinds of relationships in that it holds a great gift and mystery - the ability to produce another human life. The complementarity of the man and the woman is necessary for this, and indeed is necessary for the proper raising of a child. Both mother and father contribute in different ways to the child's good as statistics bear out. Children who live with their biological mother and father simply do better than those who live in other family arrangements. ( yes, yes, I know that some studies show that children do ok with same-sex parents and some no doubt do, but the studies shown thus far are flawed - mostly white upper middle class lesbians, small size etc. And same sex unions cannot of their nature produce offspring). Civil marriage exists not so much that men and women can stand up and publicly announce their affections for one another, but so that the offspring which can naturally be expected to arise from the union of a man and a woman might have a stable home - which will benefit all of society. It is because male/female unions lead to future citizens, and because stable male/female unions lead to better citizens, that we support marriage with significant tax breaks and privileges. Some couples who marry will never have children - elderly ones most obviously - and yet these couples still mirror the pattern which society wishes to condone and support. Same sex couple simply don't fit the criteria - they are something else altogether and although they no doubt sometimes provide loving homes for offspring, they cannot not mirror the ideal model (any more than say, a mother and a daughter who provide a loving home for the daughter's child). I
The unique capacity to bear children while not made use of in every heterosexual union, is nevertheless fundamental to the reasons that civil marriage exists. We may grace same-sex unions with the name "marriage" because we feel sorry for those involved but we cannot make equal what is fundamentally different.