Call Me Ishmael


Moby Dick spoiler alert!
Shame the Seattle Times doesn't pay it's staff the shitty wages of the ununionized Stranger and its unpaid interns. if they did that, their financial position would be much better.
Well played@1. Well played.
Hmmm...the same way Goldfucker rails against the Times/Blethen constantly?

@4 Well, if you click through to my original post, you'll see that I acknowledge that analogy. Somewhat.
Sorry, Times trolls! The Times has in the 30 years I've lived here always been the unimaginative shill for Big Business, Big Business! The P-I at least had progressive creativity (Horsey, Art Thiel, others). In a city with a young, well-educated work force, Seattle deserved better! The Stranger gives me info for local news. I can read the Times when I want to know how much rain has fallen year to date.
I also notice that while the PI used to allow Facebook comments on all their articles, they now restrict it to a few.

Meanwhile...all the action with comments is on Facebook itself, where hot articles generate hundreds of responses.

Suddenly individual blogs just blend into Timelines and Walls. Where do these stories come from? Who knows...just tell me what happened in two sentences and I'll start mouthing off!

Hah...more like all the google bombers and stalkers rail against me when I make a comment about hydrogen!

They've been trying to defeat my arguments since 1991.

Haven't yet!
"Ahab cast away his Quaker pacifism"

I could be totally mis-remembering, but I thought Ahab was one of the few non-Quaker whaling captains out of Nantucket, as opposed to Starbuck who was Quaker through-and-through.

I guess I should go SeattleTimes it. No wait, that other thing.
It makes a little sense, considering Microsoft is almost certainly the most important local business and the Seattle Times is probably getting paid big bucks by them to spear one of their biggest competitors.

That said, I think everybody rightly fears Google, at least a little bit. While they're technically valued at less than Apple, Google is ascendent, and it has a larger footprint in terms of the control it exerts over the technological world. It speaks volumes that you almost never see a tech company sniping at anybody other than Google these days.
You are Ishmael.
@6 the fact that they're shills has nothing to do w/ their dying business model, which is the entire point of the article.

if they want to survive, they should tug their forelocks at the major corporations and ask for their pittance instead of expecting the dirty masses to pay their upkeep.
Nicely done @9