NHL Hockey Will Start on January 19th


Can we get a Stranger staffer to cover professional Lacrosse, too? It will extend the joke.
No, we only cover Lacrosse if the Green Bay Packers win the SuperBowl against the Seattle Seahawks.

So, what's our new Seattle NHL team named, by the way?
This is the only place in town where I can find a kindred hockey soul. @1, let us have our hockey obsession in peace ok?
Will, you inconceivable moron. Green Bay and Seattle are in the same conference; they can't both go to the Super Bowl.
Someone's named after a Star Wars character's leg? That's dedication.
@1, a perfect assignment for Grant Brissey. When was the funniest guy at the Stranger declared persona non grata?

@2, depends what Don Levin wants to re-name the Florida Panthers. Seattle Bobcats or (Mountain) Lions?
Why is it that The Stranger is completely disrespectful and insulting to Football, but totally open to Hockey? Seriously, you push bad stereotypes about football breeding rednecks and all, when really hockey is just as bad.

Plus, its really sad and pathetic that Stranger pushes these stereotypes, when they work hard to eliminate stereotypes against homosexuals.
@ 1, @ 6, and @ 7 - have you really never noticed that Slog is where The Stranger's writers write about anything they like? Some writers like certain sports, while others hate them all. And they all post their opinions.

It's not coverage, dipshits, any more than the viral videos are. It's INDIVIDUAL OPINIONS.
Now if they'd only get schedules up so I can start planning all my non-work activities around the Penguins games. This is taking far too long. Someone should have been on that yesterday.
@3: i would, but stranger writers keep taking shots at the seahawks, which is seattle's most popular & successful professional sports franchise, in every sports post.

tell megan seling to skip the snide and i'll go back to ignoring the NHL/hockey and her posts on it.

@8: really, is that how Slog works?
@9 Right? Some folks are saying schedules will come later this week, after they officially vote on the new agreements on Wednesday.
There's an attraction to remote team sports, where you'll never have to encounter a mass of fans and their ubiquitous bling and flare. The only way to encounter it is on TV or online, where you can control your access and encounters w/ other fans. Things like football, baseball, soccer, going to the actual games (even being in the same city) puts you in close contact w/ other fans, who are likely to be obnoxious, moronic, shallow, possibly homophobic/bigoted, and yet they are just as excited as you are over the action. Horrors! Best to stay home or go to your regular hang-out to watch the game on TV and not have anything to do w/ the real experience of major sports fans. For Seattle, Hockey is the perfect sport.

I don't know what they'd do in a place like Boston. Tiddly-winks?
I think 48 games, starting in December, is just about perfect for an NHL season. Nobody wants to see hockey in October, and the regular season has alway been way too long.

I'd support a strike/lockout every year.
@9 Holy Shit! A Penguins fan with a job? Somebody call Ripley's.
@8, how the fuck does that relate to my comment dipshit? Obviously they write whatever on here, and recommend places they get free drinks and food at.
@9, I've got two of 'em!

... However I'm confused. I don't think I've heard the one about the unemployed Pens fans. Pass it along, I can take a joke.

@11 (Megan), Wednesday! We might have to wait until Wednesday for a schedule? The NHL just keeps fucking with their fans. Bettman needs to get thrown out on his ass.
@ 15, sorry, didn't mean to include you. You fucking ass wart. (j/k)
Thanks Matt for the clarification. Avs suck balls.
The big news is that the new CBA cuts small market teams no break. They have to spend money they won't have. Seattle will definitely get a team, and I'm still hoping for the Panthers.