The Consumer Electronics Show is happening right now in Las Vegas. It's the convention that maps out the upcoming year in technology, with the very important caveat that most of the big dogs of tech—Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft—don't take part in the show. So what are our early adopters going to be buying this year?

The Nvidia Shield, a portable Android-based gaming system:

And Samsung announced a whole bunch of products, including an "almost human" TV:

Like a beefed -up version of the iPhone's Siri functionality, the F8000's S-Recommendation system can understand questions from viewers and offers responses to their inquiries. For example, Baxter asked the television, “Anything good on today?" and was greeted with a sampling of programming choices that evolve based on not only the type of programming he normally views but also the actual time he views it.

Similar to the Xbox's Kinect camera system, the F8000 also makes use of hand -gesture functionality; instead of using a remote control, users move their hands to change TV channels or record a movie.

Samsung will also have TVs that will allow two people to watch two different TV shows in full screen on the same set at the same time, using special glasses with built-in ear buds. They announced ovens that can cook at two different temperatures at the same time, and a refrigerator that can turn regular fridge space into extra freezer space. Also, their refrigerators will have touch screens and apps, in case you really needed to get Twitter on your fridge. And! Cameras that can film in 3D, in case you didn't hate 3D technology enough already.

(Thanks to Slog tipper Greg for the links.)