...then it's legal.


Some mysterious angel just delivered a bunch of pot to me. And now it's legal just to post photos of our pot on Slog, so... I am. Technically, it's still illegal to sell pot until the Washington State Liquor Control Board works out the details on who can grow pot and sell it, pursuant to our new marijuana legalization law.

But possessing pot is legal if it just appears out of the ether.

So that means the paper bag of pot that arrived—which said "Happy New Year, Dominic Holden" and contained seven smaller plastic bags of pot and a note that says, "If it falls from heaven, it's legal"—is totally legal. Thanks, mystery angel! It was nearly an ounce in total (that's a couple grams of it in the photo), and that amounts to roughly 20 times more pot than I could smoke in a year. So I've left it out for my dear coworkers. Because I can. Because it's legal now—if it falls from heaven.