Prepare for Seattle to Be Mocked on the Big Screen


Oh fuck off - Seattle isn't passive-aggressive. People just don't give a fuck.
I'll bet you think you're "special" for saying that ...
This could be so great! Make no mistake, though, Semple loves Seattle, and "Bernadette" makes that plain.
You watch...the movie won't be filmed here...and the movie might not even be SET here. (Book be damned.)
BBC Radio 4 adapted it to a Book At Bedtime. I gave up after a few episodes; I have a limited tolerance for imagined people desperately in need of some genuine difficulties or a good slap. The bad news about our society is that actual instances of such smug, entitled, wealthy shits aren't hard to find - but it's unfair to single out Seattle, which is (per-income) about as down-to-earth as anyplace.
I thought Nirvana was Seattle's Portlandia moment?
@5, I can attest that her novel lets the characters develop beyond what the reader expects after she's set the stage.
NO, NO, NO. It's way better than Portlandia. Everyone in Seattle should read this book. I can't stand it when people stay on the brakes when the light turns green.
Agreed with @4--
Just watch them change the location to Portland anyway.
I thought Almost Live! was our Portlandia.
@3, 9: still set in Seattle, but filmed in BC.
@10 - YES.

P.S. What's weak this week?
Somebody already said it- they'll set it in another city, just to spite us.
Naw, @13, they'll do like @11 said: take some 2nd unit "beauty shots" of the Seattle skyline, slap fake WA license plates on the cars, film in B.C., and assume nobody will know the difference - which, in the case of about 95% of the audience, will be correct.
No one's read the book? People are going to be laughing at Seattlites' quirks (to put it mildly). You might not mind distancing yourselves a little. And, as with Nirvana, you might want to read the book soon so you can pretend you were ahead of the curve.
Do you have a Bush, Lakeside, Meridian, Villa (ooo, especially Villa) St. Joe's, Assumption-St. Bridget, Bertche, Billings, U Prep, Seattle Academy, Country Day parent in your life? You've got all you need to know about Bernadette and Co.
@15 why would we who live here want to do that?

Most of us had heard Nirvana and Pearl Jam before, if we wanted to, when you didn't know they existed.

Same goes for what people "think" we're like.

By the way, my son's old Latin teacher at Roosevelt just won a big award. Doesn't make anyone different than they were before. Just other people paying attention to what was already happening.
The quoted article says "will pen". That's a different kind of pretentiousness from the Bush continuum but just as bad.
Seattle mocked? Please, we deserve it. Unfortunately we'll just bitch about it over our lattes and put our iPod earbuds back in.
It sounds like all these Seattle jokes are about Wallingford or Laurelhurst or West Seattle or wherever. I'm pretty sure those are all technically Shoreline.
@17, touche, you're not one of those Seattle assholes at all. Btw, they were called Mother Love Bone.
@21 yes, I know, I have the LP for that. I was at the Off Ramp and the Croc quite a few times back then. And a number of other places (damn but I miss the just off the Ferry scene for all ages).
@1, 5

Sounds like you people don't get out much. Of this city, that is. No, Portland doesn't count. Those of us from real cities -- you know, like actual cosmopolitan ones -- find you people to be humorless, bland, passive aggressive freaks. You can't handle sarcasm, are overly literal, and hypersensitive to the point of being laughable. There is rarely a personality among any of you and we often feel like we need to check for a pulse. Hello, DULL! And we out-of-towners sometimes look at each other and think, "They can't seriously take themselves this seriously, can they?" Oh, but you do. And you deserve to be ridiculed for it on a national scale. Can't wait!
@23 And that's just how we like it. We're not L.A., we're not New York. We're Seattle. And if you don't like it, if you'd like a city that isn't bland and that has a real pulse, you're welcome to go back there. "Real cities" are a dime a dozen. Seattle is unique. Our blandness, as you call it, is what makes us special. We wouldn't want to become like everybody else.
@24 nails it: seattle is smug, about its "unique" blandness.

I've lived here my entire life, more than three decades, and I can say, without a doubt, that Seattle is exceptionally prone to passive-aggressive behavior and is the #1 Hater Capitol in the USA. The latter of which I know because a close friend once told me that I used to be Seattle's #1 Hater, which I like to think of as the Hater King. So now that I am no longer a hater, I can look around and say, yeah, this city has some stranger ideas about manners. But overall, I have good encounters with people, and great friends. But Capitol Hill needs to work on its customer service... Nobody is better than their job. Actually, people are exactly as good as their current job, no worse, no better. Water finds its level every time. And for Christ Sakes! Would it be so fucking hard to smile once in a while and say hi to people on the street? Be nice!