Some Good News I Missed


Why is it that with today's high cost and (supposedly) dwindling hydrocarbon fuel supply, generators such as wind and solar need subsidies? I mean, look at those wind generators...a propeller with a motor on a post? Seems like everyone should be rolling renewable sources out like hotcakes, and then storing the excess energy as hydrogen to create baseload!

Your post suggests you are rather clueless about energy production and costs.

Try putting a windmill in your backyard and then come tell us all how easy and cheap it was.
@1: You do realize that we subsidize fossil fuel and nuclear energy as well, right? And that historically, we have poured way more public funds into those industries than we have into renewables, right? And that we're still subsidizing them, right?
@1 please check out the website for the UC Berkeley Renewable and Appropriate Energy Lab (REAL). The director, Dr. Kammen, gave a seminar at UW in October that addressed your questions. You should find the REAL website educational.