The Case of the Disappearing Installation


i don't think i'll be able to get any work done today now. i simply must find out what has happened! please report back as soon as you hear anything.
Sigalit Landau's Barbed Hula was also down on Sunday. When I asked about it, I as told that they didn't know when/if it would be back up, and reminded me that there was no re-entry to see the missed film, I'd have to repay if I wanted to see it. Kind of a bummer to miss the film in the exhibit, especially since it was part of the great film portion and would have made a great transition back to the main hall.
someone fell into it.
I'm hoping to get to Elles for the first time before it closes on Sunday. How many items are missing from it now???
Redundant, anyone?
"so I emailed SAM later and was told the piece is "out for conservation." I asked what happened but I'm still waiting to hear back."
Well, you said you already emailed SAM and were told it was out for conservation. What makes you think you need be privy to every detail? Clearly someone observed something about the piece that needed conservation attention, and there you have it.
Slow week, Ms. Graves?