More Ca$h for Guns: The Hanauers, UW Medical Center, and several nightlife establishments count among the latest donors of Seattle's proposed gun buy-back program.

Seattle Weekly Sold? Rumors abound that the sale of Seattle's second best weekly newspaper is a done deal.

"Sharply Differing" Gun Laws Indeed: While Washington's Democratic legislators are hoping to ban assault weapons and close the gun show loophole, Republican legislators want to make our state safer by eradicating gun-free zones. Weeee! What a fun session this will be!

Gawker on Guns: The website published the names of a bunch of licensed gun owners in New York City, giving gun owners an excuse to feel persecuted and enraged.

Look Who's Been Working Out: "Drug-resistant gonorrhea has officially arrived in North America." Wear your raincoats, kids.

Gotta Have My 'Bucks: A metro driver was briefly arrested yesterday after striking a pedestrian with a bus. The bus driver's blood was tested to see whether he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol; the pedestrian proceeded to walk to the nearest Starbucks and order a drip.

If Only We Could Rename Pitbulls After Her: Imagine how confusing-yet-accurate that would be:

A report says Sen. Pam Roach of Auburn violated the Senate's policy in March by verbally attacking a Senate Republican staffer charged with upholding sanctions against Roach that prevented her from having direct contact with staff.

The report was compiled by a subcommittee created last summer solely to investigate incidents involving Roach.

Holocaust Ash Art: A Swedish artist is being investigated for using human ashes taken from the crematorium at Majdanek in his artwork.

Chavez's Rule Unconstitutional? A group of Venezuelan constitutional lawyers are demanding that President Hugo Chavez, who's reportedly recovering from cancer surgery, either reconfirm his oath for office on January 10 or "demonstrate that he is still capable of governing by formally asking for a temporary delay." Anything else, they say, is unconstitutional.

Finally, a Way to Make Church Palatable: Scientists speculate that coating 800-year-old cathedrals with olive oil may be the way to preserve them from acid rain.

Stolen From the Streets of India: Little girls.

Come to Oprah: Listen up, everyone, Lance Armstrong has something to say.