We're observing Slog silence from now until 11 a.m. while we have an editorial meeting, but look—we made an entire paper's worth of stuff for you!


Stop the Coal Trains: Everybody knows that coal trains are bad for our health, our economy, and our planet. So how do we stop them? by Cienna Madrid

How to Say No and What Art Has to Do with It: You Have a Week Left to Figure Out What Makes You Uncomfortable in Elles at SAM by Jen Graves

Lady Gaga: On Ferns, Fear, and Her Singing Toothbrush by Trent Moorman

Little Things: The Transformation of a Capitol Hill Gem by Bethany Jean Clement

A Puzzle of Mismatched Pieces: PageBoy Shows All the Other Literary Magazines How It's Done by Paul Constant

And even more here!