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Maybe we could chug the coal trains?

Hey, if it works for cigar smokers, why not even more damaging substances like coal dust?
So how do we stop them? (Coal trains)

Say, doesn't Warren Buffett have something to do with that? Like ownership of the railroad, and his energy holding company's affiliation with the business?

Of course, Buffett is a hearththrob of some of the commenters here, since he ostensibly supported Obama's "push" for equitable tax payments by the super-rich; perhaps a quid pro quo, and Obama's DOJ would go leniently regarding the Buffett company's long battle in tax court to refrain from paying their federal taxes?

(Oh, the great ignorami didn't know that, huh? They don't pay attention to ANYTHING going on in their envornment??)

Or speling. Or mutual fundamentalists. Right, @2?
The real news today:

Item 1

A submediocre judge finally ruled that due to "..unlawful conditions of his imprisonment.." (Bradley Manning), 112 days would be removed from his sentence, should he be convicted of the charges.

The judge, while sounding like she finally ruled correctly, did so in the minimal manner possible.

Item 2

A court upheld the lawsuit against unlawful torture, etc., against "suspected terrorist" detainees by employees of Agility Holdings, formerly L-3 Services, a subsidiary of L-3.

Interesting to note the history of L-3, which had purchased the renamed Raytheon Aerospace from Veritas Capital (Robert McKeon, who recently was reported to have committed suicide by strangling himself). Veritas Capital owned the former Raytheon subsidiary at the time of 9/11/01, and a number of their employees and subcontractors were aboard several of those airliners involed in the horrible events on 9/11/01. (Involed with the development of remote piloting hardware and software.)

Is it a coincidence that everything appears murky about this?
Hey, what happened to Public Editor? First you kill off A. Birch Steen, ye bastards, now the whole column is gone?