The Hidden Part of the new MOHAI


Really looking forward to seeing the new MOHAI. One of the best things about is that the Naval Armory will be preserved, which is a great old pile of a building.
Mo space for MOHAI!
Man that's cool.
Ah, that's nice to see the neon sign from The Doghouse has been restored. My husband and I had our rehearsal dinner for our wedding there, before it closed. All roads DO lead to The Doghouse!
The old Thiry building had some lovely spaces, but the way it also didn't serve the museum well is sad to read.

P.s. They must, MUST put that Doghouse sign on display!
Of course I remember my last meal at The Doghouse - December 31/January 1, 1994 to be precise. They'd already announced the closing scheduled for the end of the month, and people were in the process of trying to scavenge whatever souvenirs they could. They went through a lot of menus & paper place mats during the last couple of months, one of which rests in a place of honor on top of my scanner at home.
Blueberry pancakes at the Doghouse, 1982. Wonderful.
Some horrid old woman in the bar at the Doghouse called me a twerp for knowing all the words to "I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo" sometime in the 80's.

But more to the point - is the huge mosaic from the front of the old City Light Building on display?

(and btw - I am in one of the permanent displays!)
The storage area is often my favorite part of any museum. That why I loveartiat Fred Wilson's work so much.…
As a relative newcomer (1993) those old landmark businesses and their signs didn't leave an impression... but Bud's Jazz Records in Pioneer Square with it's handpainted sign marking the steps downward to a basement retail treasure trove...that should be preserved.
I miss the Doghouse. My neighbor was a waitress there for eons.