The Writer Is Major, the Books Are Minor


Thanks Paul. I do feel that this house cleaning is a little - and unnecessarily - disrespectful to the statue that we've all created of DFW. On the other and DFW was ambivalent about the statue and would probably rather we judge him, minor works and all.

I am not as thrilled by Every Love Story is a Ghost Story as I would have hoped. I wanted more. ELSIAGS seemed to breeze through the latter part of DFW's career. Only a few pages on Oblivion? This is seems to be the time we would want to explore as thoroughly as the formative years.

Anyhow. Thanks for bringing these posthumous books to our attention.
I really loved "The Nature of the Fun," an essay about writing, and thought "Democracy and Commerce at the U.S. Open" was also great--an interesting look at the Open's many details that aren't part of the TV broadcast.