GalleyCat reports that reviewers are punishing the brand-new final book in the Wheel of Time series with one-star reviews because the e-book isn't published until April. Get a load of these babies:

On Amazon, one reviewer wrote: “A good comparison of not publishing in ebook format is ‘withholding of newer drugs, by drug companies till patents of the older drugs run out.’ Definitely not buying the paper format. I waited till patiently till January despite knowing Sanderson had finished the book back in July 2012, I can wait till April.”

Another reader added: “Found a used copy of Eye of the World in 1990; it caught my attention as the book was almost size of hardback but softcover. Since then I have purchased each new book on the date it was released. I will not purchase this book though. I had planned on repurchasing all of the previous books for my Kindle as easier to store, but I will not do this as I would not be able to complete the series now. I instead will search internet when I get home and will be paying the first industrious individual that has scanned the book and offered for sale.”

I would urge people to think before they post shit like this. So now Kindle owners are cancer patients who are being victimized by Big Pharma? And the second "reviewer," who admits that he bought the first book in the series because it provided a low cash-spent-to-pages-read ratio, says he'd rather turn to piracy than buy the book? The wafting scent of entitlement is sick-making.