Every Thursday former Guns 'n' Roses bassist and current Loaded lead singer Duff McKagan writes a column for Seattle Week's music blog, Reverb. In this week's installment, McKagan tells readers "How to Be a Man," and I just... I don't even know where to start.

Tips include "Don't be a pussy," "Do the dishes," "Save it for your girl," and "Learn how to fight."

And! He tells you what to do when you're tired of hearing that chick of yours blab on and on (emphasis mine):

We men sometimes get frustrated when our ladies talk. We will try to actually converse when she is deep into a story about the boss being a dick, or some other friend of hers doing your girl wrong. Do not even try to fix this situation! Your sweety just wants you to listen. Hell, you don't even have to agree. Just listen. This is black-belt-level man stuff.

Mark Driscoll couldn't have said it better himself!

If you need a laugh (or a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach brought on by the fear that humanity hasn't evolved nearly as much as you once believed) read the whole thing here.