So Piers Morgan has been misleading the American public? Let's read and see how...

After playing a clip of Morgan’s interview with radio host Alex Jones, WXIX’s Ben Swann said, “The stat that Piers Morgan was continuing to cite, one that Great Britain which banned guns about fifteen years ago had only 35 gun-related murders in 2011 compared to the United States which had 11,000. Let’s start there because that number is not correct.”

Swann then broke down the FBI crime statistics for 2011, showing that there were 12,664 homicides in the US. Of those, 8,583 were caused by firearms.

“But of those,” said Swann, “400 are listed as justifiable homicide by law enforcement, 260 justifiable homicide by private citizens.”

As such, Morgan has been routinely citing an incorrect figure for the U.S.

Morgan was also misstating Britain’s gun-related homicide rate in 2011 which was actually 59 NOT the 35 he repeats over and over again...

As you can see, the gun people don't have a solid argument to stand on. If the population of the UK were the same as that of the US, its 59 gun-related murders would only translate to about 300 murders. Why are the gun people even trying to make an argument based on numbers and statistics? They should stay away from reality and stick to the only ground that can support their stupidity, ideology.

By the way, Obama will not deport Morgan.