If You're Not a Hip New Restaurant, You're Probably in Trouble


You know, they could shrink portion sizes, realize that we are changing in terms of demographics, and stop helping Americans pig out.

It's always been a tough time for restaurants. Cash flow, turnover, unit prices, location, and the ability to withstand small downturns are critical to survival in the industry.

(caveat: only half of my relatives have run or managed restaurants, I'm just repeating what they say)
I miss Tacos Gringos.
Vegan restaurants all seem to be booming and expanding. I can't remember the last one that closed.
Time? Really?
"supper high end?"

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Here's what's wrong with the world today.

I start to smell a kind of glue, paint smell in my apartment.

I open the door and it's all around.

So, I calls up the landlady, and I says, "uh, it stinks in here".

And the landlady say, "Yes, they're painting the apartment below you to get it ready."

And I say, well you can't just suffocate me.

And she says, "Yes, it's in the lease."

Spending less, or just visiting less? I ask, because it seems to me, quite unscientifically, that mid-level restaurant prices have gone through the roof in recent years. Much faster than the supposed inflation rate. I used to eat lunch out several days a week, but I had to stop because I can't get out of any of the places around here for under $20, with drink, tax and tip. And they're not doing it to gouge; restaurant costs are going way up too. The only places that are still cheap are places like taco trucks that make use of low-wage immigrant labor and cheap real estate (a truck and a parking space vs. a storefront). I don't know how older established non-hipster joints are surviving.
Someone should mention this posting to Charles...
What, exactly, is so bad about eating out? It sucks preparing meals for one person and eating alone at home. If I had more time, I'd eat out more.