Morning News: HORSE, Orcas, Academy Awards


My King Dome for a HORSE? #hereallweek
Ten billion light years? Talk about fossil light!.
Hey, the orcas were freed when the winds shifted. Here's an update.… Happy Ending!
Pay-as-you-go would clearly target poor people who are less likely to live near their jobs. Hope they rethink that one.
@3, hurrah! I will update.
The road tax problem is simple. Its working so raise the amount per gallon and continue to encourage people to drive less in more economical cars.
Go Sacramento! Make my neighbor taste foot for painting such a huge, fugly (unfortunately, public) mural in honor of some stupid basketball team.
Why not offer tai chi or qi gong as options to yoga in schools? Those also offer mental and physical health benefits.

How do Yanks manage to bloviate fear-and-insanity-driven spew online without coming across factual evidence to negate their false beliefs? Is that what they mean by the "American Dream?"
Raise the gas tax. Fuel efficient cars tend to be lighter and cause less wear and tear. Heavy vehicles use more gas and cause more wear and tear. Gas tax is reasonably fair. You could figure out a fee for electric cars to match similar fuel efficient cars, but they are really light and cause very little wear and tear. Adjust everything for construction costs- those are frequently paid by general funds, so the adjustment could be small. Mileage based fees would be regressive. Heavy SUV's should pay more than small compacts.
I trust that Sean Penn sent Hugo Chavez a get-well card and some flowers.
@9: So do obese people cause more ware and tear on our sidewalks than thin people?
@11 Yes, but the magnitude is nowhere near the wear and tear of environmental causes, completely unlike how wear and tear occurs on roads, so your analogy fails badly. Not even a good try.
Poor people with cars are screwed any way you figure it--they live too far from work, they drive crappy, old, poorly maintained cars that get dreadful mileage. A gax tax screws them, a mileage tax screws them. Being screwed is part and parcel of being "poor".
Ugh. Because I support some sensible gun controls in light of the Sandy Hook Massacre, I have to also support an executive order (a maneuver I find intensely distasteful) in order to seem them enacted? Thanks, Machiavellian GOP-controlled congress.

Lots of good stuff in here this morning. Thanks, Cienna.
The woman in the article (Mary Eady) relies on the opinion of Mark Driscoll.

Also, interesting that people who worship a replacement for Dionysis-Osirus are questioning gratefulness for the Sun.
Mileage charges actually mean installing GPS trackers on your car.

Which part of HELL NO, PRIVACY! don't they GET?
A mileage tax, colected either through gps monitoring or annual milage checks is a lot more expensive to collect as well as not incentivising smaller cars. BTW charitarizing all poor people as driving giant gas guzzeling hoopties is false and probably somewhat racist. I know lots of poor people who drive sub-compacts.

Where did anyone imply that poor people drive large cars? If anything, they were implying that poor people drive old cars that typically get worse gas mileage than newer cars of comparable size. Is that not true?
@17 OK, wrong assumption perhaps. But racist? No.

Unless you presume that all poor people are black. Which is what you seem to be doing.

What's up, racist guy.
@16: I think the odometer will cover the mileage measurements. Want a refund for out-of-state driving? Submit your GPS records.
What could me a more straight-forward pay-as-you-go system than the gas tax already in place? A gas tax accounts for vehicle weight, efficiency, and frequency of use (and therefore miles driven). The idea the tax is a "fixed price" is idiotic, given the reasons one burns gas.
Peg the gas tax to the cost of a gallon instead of a fixed rate per volume. Rise in gas costs (somewhat) covers loss of sales. Plus you don't have to revisit the tax every few years.