A Tough Choice for a GOP Type


"... it will mean increasing (and not cutting) the education budget."

Oh Charles Charles Charles Charles Charles.... have you learned nothing about Republicans? Especially the fucknuts in Arizona? They'll cut education faster than you can say "yee-haw!" for a wet-dream-come-true like this.
Way to target every principal in Aizona as "first victim" in the next school shooting spree.
Arizona kids don't need reading or math. Guns guns guns!!!
This idea is stupid on so many levels I can't even decide where to start criticizing it.
Send Tim Eyman to AZ! He'd be a liberal down there!
Yes! Arm the Principals! We always know the man (and it is most assuredly a man) in charge is the strongest one in the group. This is how we pick mayors, kings, chiefs, and pack leaders, so it should also apply to schools.

Thereafter, hiring new principals shall be determined by releasing interested candidates into a five mile square region of mixed terrain. Candidates shall be issued a knife, a summary of school curricula and ten dollars of taxpayer money. The winner shall be whoever emerges from the Principalium of Blood with his opponent's heads and ten dollars not squandered on useless things like books and facilities.
Well, if we just let the NRA become a quasi-police entity, we could ensure that our schools are safe!
Wackjob Sheriff Joe Arpaio has deputized "posse" members and instructed them to stand around just off campus at middle and elementary schools. Likely folks with no training and not much by way of smarts.
<333, Zebes.

Arizona is the legislative laboratory of all of America's worst notions, and shows no sign of stopping any time soon. And yet, it's so awful that this still doesn't make it reason #1 why I wouldn't want to live there.
10: You're correct, and the sad fact is that if Barry Goldwater were alive today, he'd probably get thrown out of office as a "RINO".