"Get Your Shit Together"


You've got a link there to GetYourShitTogether.org, and the text of the link says GetYourShitTogether.com.
As a social worker who has seen the heartbreak of families in crisis, this is a wonderful resource to force people to have difficult conversations and make plans when they are clear-headed. This also serves as a sharp reminder of straight privilege. LGBT folks who have no protections and are not the defacto next of kin, do not have the luxury of putting off decisions about signing a will or living will.
Defintely .org. ".com" is pretty pornographic
Thanks for posting this, David. As a middle-aged hack with none of these boxes ticked, a BIG thank you to Chanel for sharing your story to spur the rest of us so gently but firmly.
Thanks for the very kind words David, it is very much appreciated!
Yes most definitely .ORG: http://getyourshittogether.org/. Can you update the text please?
This is important stuff!

Chanel, thank you for bringing this to the forefront of our thinking and I am sorry for your loss. I can honestly say that your pain has not been wasted and will be used to help many people!

I spent many years working in the home health and hospice fields and have experienced loss myself. Everyone needs a motivation to get their affairs in order or as I like to say to get their 'ducks in a row". Your checklists are a great beginning but where do you store the information?

I suggest a great new tool from a company called myDucks.org. Like you, they want to help people and make the process easy to understand. myDucks provides two organizers. One a credit card size flash drive that is password protected and a simple notebook style. The organizer only has 4 sections- MY LIFE, MY STUFF, WHERE DID I PUT THAT? and WHAT MATTERS. It also has a sample form and glossary section-- written by a non-financial person (me) so that everyone could understand those unfamiliar terms.

So, what about the adult children who need this information from their reluctant parents? This organizer has literally opened doors to many important conversations that would not have happened without the help of myDucks. Whether you are getting your Stuff together or getting your 'Ducks in a row' you don't have to think of it as only "end of life" planning. Why not create a User's Manual for YOUR life?

Don't leave your family in the same situation as Chanel had to endure, please take the time to get your 'Ducks in a Row', save them in a safe place (even in the cloud), and then tell someone what ducks you have and where they are!!!

great information. Thanks for thinking ahead & makes things alot easier for next of kin to proceed with this information left behind. Wishful thinking!
I heard the story on NPR this morning. This is a great and an important service. It is one of the "adult lessons" that we have to complete. Thank you for creating this website.
I love what Chanel has done!