"If Tiger Woods had this Japanese feature in his phone, he wouldn't have gotten in trouble..."


Tiger's wife had the resources to hire a P.I. Other than that, I think it's reprehensible that a company facilitates cheaters.
I think you mean that whoever owns the phone, and shows it to anyone, has already out-ed themselves as that 'player' type.

It seems to me that the user could brush off that 'player' label with that smart-phone's polite-fiction equivalent of "I only read it for the articles".

...I only use the 'player' phone for its great data plan, high-res ui, and great battery life.
It doesn't really matter if they're obvious cheaters or not.

The people who are attracted to cheaters typically already know they're cheaters anyway. Their supposed outrage when they find out cheating is going on is part of their act.
@ 1, free market, baby. Where there's a need, the enterprising company will meet it. And frankly, if cheaters are too stupid to delete that stuff in the first place, they deserve to be taken advantage by companies like this.
Just so you know - your final thesis is kinda dumb... anybody with a modicum of tech-savvy can create exactly the same effect with a smart phone. More easily probably!

I personally would use a Tasker profile, but I'm sure there are other methods.
There's an app for lying about that.

They sell them in the manga/anime stores which men go to.
Bill Simmons has been talking about this forever. He even called it the Blackberry Infidel. It's nice to see half-baked ideas come to fruition.
I'll just stick with my BlackBerry, thanks.