Be Careful Out There: We're in for a few days of icy commutes in and around Seattle.

NRA Takes on White House: The gun-humping organization has accused Vice President Joe Biden of having "an agenda to attack the second amendment" as more details emerge on yesterday's school shooting. Meanwhile, here's an interactive map of 695 crowd-sourced gun deaths reported in the US since the Newton school shooting.

The People Vs. Walmart: Survivors of gun violence and their families are petitioning the nation's largest gun seller to stop stocking assault weapons and ammunition. Throw your support on the pile over here.

Seattle Cop Embraces His Inner Villain: "A Seattle police officer under investigation for allegedly using excessive force on a man arrested at the scene of a disturbance call in August made a threatening move toward him a short time later as the man sat handcuffed in a holding cell, newly released video shows. Officer Clayton Powell can be seen leaning forward, putting his face close to the man, cocking his arm and balling his hand into a fist before pulling back and leaving the cell."

Teachers Fight Standardize Tests: Educators at Seattle's Garfield High School have launched a school-wide boycott against a series of standardized tests known as Measures of Academic Progress, or MAP. The teachers say the tests are a complete waste of time.

FAA Investigates Boeing: In what's been described as an unusual move, the electrical systems in Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner and other "quality control issues" are under scrutiny by federal authorities following a battery fire earlier this week and other electrical mishaps.

Meth or Their Money Back: A Centralia woman who passed salt off as meth to her customers was forced to call 911 after they returned to her home, angry.

Critics Shit on Seth McFarlane: After flubbing the presentation of Oscar nominees, the world braces for a decidedly unfunny Oscar night peppered with insults and Hitler jokes.

Aurora Shooting Suspect Will Stand Trial: However, his attorneys say they need more time before entering a plea in the case.

Crazy Eyes Bachmann Strikes Again: "Over a year after she dropped out, Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann has refused to pay five staffers from her failed presidential bid, according to a former top campaign official. Peter Waldron, her controversial former national field coordinator, told Salon the dispute started when former Iowa straw poll staffers refused to sign a nondisclosure agreement that would bar them from discussing any “unethical, immoral, or criminal activity” they witnessed on the campaign with police or reporters."