New Game! What Phrase Will Republicans Use to Redefine Rape Next?


Progressive states need to secede from the Union.
Congratulations Congressman Gingrey and welcome to the Congressional Republican Rape Caucus (Team Rape). It used to have two members, but they somehow lost reelection. So you will be the chairman until the end of your current and final term. I'd expect more members, so you might want to get a large conference room.
Age 15? So statutory rape is not legitimate rape?
@1 - That does seem like the more sensible secession than kicking the south out. They seem more attached to the branding anyway. Let them keep the name and the flag; we'll keep the principles.
Immaculate perception.
Paging Karen Hughes. Paging Karen Hughes.
Republicans love to stick their feet in their mouths after walking the cow pasture.
Maybe the couples he was treating were having a hard time conceiving because they had such a shitty OBGYN.

If only we spent more money on research to try to understand the mysterious workings of the female body - oh wait, don't bother, medical science has found you a solution! Ladies, just drink up! You'll need to with all the legislation we've got planned.
@3: Well, presumably the boyfriend would also be around 15 years old.
I honestly don't have a problem with anything Todd Akin "said". Legitimate rape, shut the whole thing down, whatever. What I have a problem with is that he THINKS IT MATTERS in the debate about reproductive rights. So, maybe, in the case of rape the instances of penetration leading to actual pregancy is lowered by stress or whatever. So?
"You Know You Really Wanted It!"
The RWN came up with this story to rationalize outlawing abortion in cases of rape. Without this nonsense, there is no rationale, and therefore, cruel.
You know, Jesus never got pregnant.

So like, the holy body has a way of protecting from getting pregnant, and knocking up unwed mothers.


Logic. 2 + 2 = 67.

It doesn't though. Pregnancy is more likely to result from rape than it is from consensual intercourse. Researchers don't know why, but it does absolutely, with no doubt, mean that a woman's body does exactly nothing to "shut that whole thing down".

Also, Akin's beliefs about rape come directly from Nazi research.

And it does matter because, according to these insane, anti-science wingnuts, ANY woman who claims she was raped and then got pregnant from it is lying.
Where I live it is impossible for a 15 year old to consent, so any sex with a 15 year old is, by definition, rape. Also, one does not generally ovulate during a rape. It is theoretically possible, but an unlikely coincidence. One can easily be raped after one ovulated. Perhaps someone took a nice bath, relaxed, ovulated, and then went out the next day and ended up raped. Also, while stress can mess up menstrual cycles, it doesn't always.
Oh behalf of the people of Georgia with more than one functioning brain cell, and branches on our family trees, I apologize.
And all the infertile women in the country are whooshed right into this mess as well. As a person who is NOT a graduate of medical school, but who has done the research and isn't relying on some hazily remembered, 50 year old medical info, I say, go fuck yourself. If having a glass of wine and relaxing was the end-all-be-all answer to infertility, people wouldn't be paying 50k for infertility treatments. Sorry, ladies, don't be so uptight, and you'll get knocked right up. Yep, and every other medical issue you might have is all in your head, take these anti-depressants like they're candy, that'll fix you up. Thank whomever that this kind of paternalistic "medicine" is going the way of the (these) dinosaurs.

Yep, one-time traumatic experience is the same thing as general stress. Uh, no.

Also, even if the preventing ovulation thing were how it worked, how about the women who already ovulated, that day or the day before? Is the "adrenaline" (don't you mean epinephrine?) supposed to un-ovulate you?
He's got the science wrong anyway, and related to @14, everything I've looked up says that stress hormones increase ovulation. Here's adrenaline*,…

Which makes sense, since a big spike in almost any hormone causes ovulation (if it's anywhere near the right time). Women differ quite a bit in their hormonal "surge" profiles, with some relying on FH and FSH, and others ovulating from spikes in LH, estrogen, testosterone and/or cortisol.…

*(most of this research is in chickens, since release of the egg is easier to see).

And of course the obvious response is that it doesn't matter if a woman who is raped is less-likely to get pregnant, since the more immediate issue is not the impending pregnancy but THE RAPE.
winning answer to the game: Next up the Republicans will switch things up and when some case of rape where the female was drunk and or passed out happens they will attach the left for accusing such fine upstanding good christian boys of being rapists and applaud the girl for being responsible and not driving while intoxicated, this line of reasoning will enable them to say the girl was just too responsible to "let" herself be raped....the evidence is unshakable, no dui = no rape = liberals hate boys and want them to be registered sex offender felons so they can't use there god given right to purchase a firearm"
i'm fairly certain that todd akin clarified the comments himself, stating in his non-apology that he meant "forcible" rape when he said legitimate. which clearly means he dismisses statutory and date rape as lesser evils. which apparently his gallant defender, gingrey, does as well. when are these fucktards going to stop?