Or, as BuzzFeed puts it, "Mission (Almost) Accomplished."

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai Friday discussed plans to vastly reduce — if not entirely end — the American troop presence in Afghanistan by 2014, the White House said..."The reason we went to war in the first place is now within reach," Obama said of denying al Qaeda a safe haven in Afghanistan and announcing that in the coming months Afghan forces will take over responsibility security for their country.

"Starting this spring our troops will have a different mission — training, advising, and assisting Afghan forces," Obama said.

Weirdly, this statement was not delivered by President Obama from the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. Nor was he wearing a tight-crotched flight suit, or standing in front of a big, red-white-and-blue banner. How does Obama expect anyone to take him seriously, I ask you?