On July 28, 2006 an armed gunman walked into the offices of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle and shot six women, killing one. Today, in response to tragic shootings throughout the nation, the Federation has sent a letter (PDF) to lawmakers urging action:

[O]ur response to tragic events like the one in Newtown, Massachusetts or Seattle, Washington cannot end with grieving. Moments of crisis compel action.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, Jewish organizations in our community, and rabbis urge our leaders to act earnestly in order to prevent future tragedies. We support sensible gun control measures like closing the gun show loophole which allows guns to be sold without background checks; ensuring Washington State has a mental health system capable of responding quickly, compassionately, and effectively to individuals in crisis capable of inflicting great harm, and providing resources to make sure schools, public facilities, and nonprofits are safe and secure.

Speaking of which, yet another reminder of Sunday's rally against gun violence.