I Don't Want to Join Any Club That Would Have Me As a Member


Did that arrive with your AARP membership form?
Did the King Co GOP not get the memo that you aren't required to be a member of any party to vote in this state?
Heynow, @1, the AARP is one of the major national organizations that regularly argues against many flavors of Republican idiocy, plus for your $15 annual membership you're eligible to purchase affordable dental insurance that actually pays a significant percentage of major procedures (after the first two years).

You needn't be either retired or superannuated to partake. I haven't joined yet, but I'm considering it.
Is that the year or the number of members?
@3, seriously? I have been annoyed that the AARP starts at 50... Which is well within sight for me now. But affordable insurance makes me much, much happier about it.
I almost think it would be a good idea for all the liberal, progressive, pinko, pinheads to join the Republican party and infect it from within. The thing about Republicans is, once a tipping point has been achieved, all of them fall in line and march to the same cadence, no matter who it is. Mitt Romney is the perfect example.
@5: http://www.deltadentalins.com/aarp/us/in…

Plug in your state and zip code for a quote (for 98122, Plan A: ~$56/month & Plan B: ~$37/month).

Also: http://www.deltadentalins.com/aarp/us/wh…

I was mistaken about one thing above—full benefits kick in after the first year.

If you have a lot of stuff you've been putting off, the best thing to do is work out a full treatment plan with your dentist and pay out-of-pocket during the first year for lower-cost things that are urgent (like fillings and extractions), then time the higher-end stuff (crowns, bridges, dentures, etc.) to take maximum advantage of the the annual benefit limit.
Like any conundrum faced by the GOP, santorum stains just take a little bleach to keep your whites their whitest.
But just remember, people join political parties whether they're wanted or not.
@1: ZING!
When they say "card-carrying member", they mean it.
Whatever. This reminded me to google "Santorum" once again. (Actually I Googled it on Bing, if that's possible.) Spreadingsantorum.com is still #1.
I notice that although it's now Martin Luther King County, the Republicans still have a crown on their membership card. Typical Republican thinking: don't acknowledge the reality of anything you don't like.
@14: Good catch. That really is pretty sleazy.
King County was never named after King Anyone (With A Crown). The change from William Rufus King to Martin Luther King is nice, but it's not like the crown was relevant before so it really doesn't make any difference if they still use it.
@14: it's just another manifestation of "Avoid-The-Negro" GOP policies.