It's Saturday, Don't You Wanna Buy Something You Don't Need?


I want to go there!
I would love to get a powder blue tuxedo with broad velvet lapels, a bow tie the size of two running shoes, and a ruffled shirt, just like the ones I wore to proms in the 70's. Then I thought of them as high fashion. Now they would be worn in a spirit of healthy irony.
My dad has a powder blue leisure suit I'd be happy to send your way, @2. For him, the fact that he can still get into the same suit he wore in HS and college makes him proud, meanwhile the rest of us just groan when he digs that thing out since he hasn't realized/doesn't seem to care that fashion has changed.
Is my monitor fucked? That looks like seafoam to me, not lime.
from the moldy and amateur look of the costumes, I can see why they went out of business. It looks like they were all worn out last halloween and put away wet and dirty. ick.
Awesome pics!
It's Brocklind's, with a "d".
Where did that wonderful coat come from, the Emerald City?