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Seattle, of course, is at the low end of the chart:…
Going out on a limb with a prediction for the Hawks game: nail biter with a thrilling finish.
Careful with pronouns! Better to say "A judge rules that *a rapist* no longer needs to register as a sex offender."
Otherwise the "he" refers to the judge himself.
Four billion light years across? How big is the universe really? Maybe we live in overlapping universes. A tiny part of the multiverse.
Bad bet, governor. Peaches don't ripen off the tree, and don't travel well when ripe.
And Washington has way better peaches..

So, you are saying that emotional age is a factor in determining statutory?

Well, since in some ways I have the mind of a 13 year old, therefore, some of the (very) few women who had sex with me are actually rapists.

Let justice be served!


13 is still older than the mind of the majority of Slog commenters.
@7: How does discussing grammar relate to emotional age?
That's okay. I suggest more coffee or perhaps a Bloody Mary.
@3, the antecedent of "he" is obviously "Rapist"; only a fool would think the judge is ruling on his own sex offender status. Compare: "Chef in Paris given a job: A restaurateur discovered he makes delicious crepes"--would you really interpret this to mean that the restaurateur gave himself a job? Clearly you are the one who needs to drink some coffee.

WRT the football game: Is it legal to place this kind of wager in both Washington and Georgia? Maybe the governors can pardon themselves for the offense.
@10: Context is key, yes, but we can't let it outweigh the mechanics.
Psychic in Tacoma reveals all: A woman claims she can foresee the future.

It's ambivalent whether we're talking about two people or one, so that's why a rewrite should be considered especially if the text is ever translated into another language. But I'll agree that it is not an "error" if the context is clear.