Think Progress:

Focus on the Family President Jim Daly offered a new perspective on homosexuality this week responding to a question about how family members should respond to a gay child. He suggested that being gay is “not a super sin,” but he still advises parents and grandparents to condemn homosexual behaviors.

What Daly goes on to advise parents and grandparents to do—explain to your gay kids that homosexual acts are wrong like cheating, lying, and gossiping are wrong, adding that you'll never condone "what they're doing" (coming out, dating, falling in love, having relationships, starting families)—hurts gay kids and pushes many closer to suicide. While it's nice to see a high-profile asshole on the religious right like Daly make an attempt to lower the temperature of his hateful rhetoric (gay sex is an abomination like gossip, not like murder), this is still pretty feeble.

Religious leaders are going to have to find a way to move past the bible's condemnation of homosexuality—move past it and reject it—just as they found a way to move past and reject the bible's support for slavery.

You can do it, Jim.