Gay porn director Jasum Mark reacts to Stephen Rodrick's “This Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan in Your Movie" in a blistering, profane, and NSFW post at Gay Daily Hot:

I got such a huge kick out of this story.

Not because I think it was funny, anyone who’s tried their hand at the cat-herding, producer-pleasing and budget-meeting clusterfuck of trying to shoot a movie of any kind knows the hell of having your most important link also be your weakest. So I kinda feel for Paul Schrader, especially since he’s a guy who brought us some of the most iconic movies in history and has since become a washed up foot note....

What I DID find funny, however, was the way the mainstream industry so clearly looks down on porn and dismissed the script as “pornography.” They got all high and mighty about even working with a porn star but then the article paints a picture of a bunch of narcissistic, over-rated, fading producers, a drunken, irresponsible, manipulative actress and a very reliable porn star.

Yes… James Deen was the only responsible adult, it appears, amongst a group of under-talented, under-funded and unsupervised brats.

Deen’s one “irresponsible” moment wasn’t showing up drunk, showing up late, being difficult, playing sick, throwing fits or being an asshole. It was taking a day to actually go work somewhere else (which, when you’re a porn star being paid $100 a day and $0 on the days you don’t and you’re NOT a millionaire like Lindsay or the rest of them, was probably more motivated by a need to pay rent and eat).

Rodrick concludes:

So can we PLEASE drop this absurd notion that porn stars are lazy, hooked on drugs and irresponsible? Because while that may occasionally be the case, it’s clearly a lot more common in “real” movies.