What Do You Think of the Happy People Trailer?


Herzog didn't film this. He cut a 4-hour Russian documentary down to 90 minutes and added narration. That said, the Laikas featured in the movie are really impressive all-around dogs.
If the movie is like the trailer, it illustrates why I probably won't see it. The footage may be fantastic, but documentaries, in my opinion, should not have music. Music in a film like this so clearly tells you how the director wants the film-goer to think and/or feel. I'd prefer to figure it out for myself. I'm an adult, I can do this without help.
Ahhh, cultural and racial homogeneity .... aka "Happy People".
I have yet to stay awake for the entirety of a Herzog film.
@3 you thick shit... Is even wikipedia too much to ask for?
I hate Herzog's narration with the heat of a thousand suns. But ever since Dersu Uzala I have had a "thing" for Siberia. Plus Herzog's movies are usually pretty great, so yeah, I'm down.
I'm assuming that Herzog is making the argument that groups that value community, wilderness and self-sufficiency are better off. So; judging from the 4star review you gave that piece of shit batman movie I don't think your gonna like it.
you can watch the whole movie for free during the month of January, here

I wonder how "happy" the women-folk are?