What the Fuck Is It That Some Politicians Don't Get About Politics?


The question is whether anyone will care once the next round of fundraising comes around. It's not a bad bet that people's memories are short enough that he can get away with it.
Come on Goldy, no attack for Sen. Eide and Hatfield? Nothing? Just attack Hobbs.
So we'd be better off if the committee were chaired by a Republican? You might want to explain exactly how that works.
If you really listened to your own noise, you would understand that there is only one issue that unites 66 percent of the people.


People want more money and security.
They don't want to spend money.
They don't want to be taxed.

The other issues -- again, published in your own blog -- have minuscule interest.

A Middle of the Road, Republican-Democrat coalition, fiscally conservative, socially progressive, would sweep up all support like a giant vortex, leaving the Yahoos and Nutters clutching at crumbs of votes.
@4: they would be unable to accomplish anything, because there is nothing the state spends money on that a majority of people want cut.
@4 In what way is all the republicans plus a couple marginal democrats "A Middle of the Road, Republican-Democrat coalition"?
A Middle of the Road, Republican-Democrat coalition, fiscally conservative, socially progressive, would sweep up all support like a giant vortex, leaving the Yahoos and Nutters clutching at crumbs of votes.

Damned right it would. WA State's Democratic Party has long needed a good, hard ass-kicking. Let's hope they'll get it. I'd love to see about 10 or 15 state senators become independents, and turn to both parties and tell them to cut the shit and get down to work.
I live in the 44th LD and would like to remind people that Mr. Hobbs was on our side in all GLBTQQAA etc. issues and has a 100% pro choice voting record. I have been trying to encourage every member of the legislature to make our tax system more progressive and Steve Hobbs at least politely listens and is willing to discuss ways to get there. He's on our side but tries to work with everybody, like Senator Murray and all effective politicians. I personally could not do that job because I would sooner or later go on a profanity laced tantrum about how the Republicans are a bunch of shit asses.
#8, but he's not a true believer, and therefore the "progressives" will never be satisfied, at least until they really get their asses handed to them in this state.
Well, I would argue with you, auntie. Sounds like he sold his soul to keep the leadership position. The only way he kept it was to make some sort of promise to the GOP. SAYING he is on your side is far different than actually legislating that way. Believing someone is on your side while they vote against you ostensibly to work with everybody would make this guy's voters naive.
@8 Any politician who says we need to get the politics out of politics is in the wrong business.
Gee. More cussing to buttress your opinion piece.

Did he vote for the Republican majority? Isn't that all that matters when it comes to determining loyalty?
The thing about history is that all this shit has happened before. In 1963 a group of right-wing Democrats voted with Republicans to take over the House. The "coalition", which included Dan Evans and Slade Gorton, fucked up so badly that a federal judge took over the House functions and set the agenda for the next session. When the Dems who had defected went to their Republican buddies for help at the next election, they were told to go fuck themselves. All but one either retired or was defeated.
I do think I saw Pete Carroll trying to convince the Falcons sideline to put aside football before the game.

I mean, he denied it later, but you can read his lips well enough.
Yesterday, Senator Tom said they now had "five" Dems in their so-called coalition and that's because three of those people took the chairmanships. That plays right into their hands and makes for a swell soundbite.

It's a mistake those three may regret and as for getting more done, I had an out-of-state reporter asked me yesterday if it didn't seem like LESS would get done given the suspicion and uncertainty.

I agreed.
@14. Dan Evans of course, went on to be governor. And ironically, the first president of The Evergreen State College. Slade of course went on to be the biggest anti-Indian bigot since George Armstrong Custer, once again bringing in the feds for his insistence that state law superseded federal law--resulting in the Boldt Decision. Of course that failure wasn't enough for Gorton who used his senatorial powers to try to undo treaties. His family was heir to the Gorton Seafood company. Even though they don't own it any longer, still tough not to turn all those frozen fish boxes upside down in the grocery.