Burgess Would Fire the Police Chief if Elected Mayor


More like, fire him, and replace him with a more effective stooge for the SPOG; he would certainly not replace him with a reformer. How long has Burgess been in the game? Regime change, please.
Burgess is a former cop himself. He won't replace Diaz with anyone who is truly critical or reformative of police actions.
In other news, Bruce Harrell just announced he is running too. What a clusterfuck.
Tim Burgess, the ex-cop, pro-life Republican totally represents Seattle.
Does this mean we'll get someone new who will target panhandlers? God knows they're so aggressive when I try to enter the new Target.
I hope all of the mayoral candidates adopt Tim's position. The only concerns I have around Seattle on a day to day basis are getting shot/beat by the police or being victim to a vehicle collision.

A new police chief that focuses upholding the law would help relax both of my concerns.

Hang up and drive / yield to pedestrians.
Don't hurt the people you're protecting.
It's simple, really.
@5 Do you work for Burgess? Canvassers collecting credit card data on street corners are the aggressives. 3 hit me every day in my own hood. Live and let live, for real. C'maaan.
Today in politicians flip flopping for political convenience: The former cop who chaired the city council public safety committee, confirmed Chief Diaz, defended chief Diaz numerous times, and had the power to speak up and demand this throughout his entire term - BUT DIDN'T - now jumps on the fire Diaz bandwagon. Typical.

Tim Burgess: GREAT at being first to be the second to declare an opinion.
Why am I not buying this ...
maybe next time we wont hire a police chief to appease a ethinic group "leaders"